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Wednesday, April 30, 2008
New IC!
[ZOMBiE CyGiG] ranted at 7:24 PM --- Post#2458065088869554602

Image Hosted by ImageShack.us

A new IC using a new cable from me! Improvement from the previous one:
- Better bass response
- Louder, feels more dynamic and powerful sounding
- Very smooth low mids (male vocal)
- Accurate highs, but may have a bit of roll offs.
- Clarity improved!
- Unlike the previous one, this is not as flat, not as accurate, but definitely more fun sounding. Kudos to the clarity!

Image Hosted by ImageShack.us

This time using silver solder! I still needa improve on my soldering much much more!

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wat is this?
[TL] ranted at 7:09 PM --- Post#3781134680896861388

(ZOMBIE)will give u a kiss if u guess correctly

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[ZOMBiE CyGiG] ranted at 10:36 AM --- Post#2268503185383055062

That day at SLT, some delivery uncle came into the lift i was taking after getting some cables. He asked what i do in army, since i was in Army uniform. I dint what to tell him. Technician or storeman?


The last day of the Supply Asst course is just..a snap. No phototaking, no long tearing speech, no feast, no hugging...we fell out just as normal. As if its not the last day yet. 2 weeks is not enough, maybe 2 months ba. But i throughly enjoyed my days there.


Im sick today, took an MC, and went home after submitting the MC to S1 branch. They told me to report to 12 on friday. I received news that 12 storeman is xiong and sucks. Could it be more xiong than 41 tech? Everyone says that their job is the most xiong and no good. Should i believe them? But deep down, i think i had suffered one of the worst as a service vocation NSF then.


The distance to gedong is putting me off and making me scared. Haiz, there upz my depression and getting me worried all over the place again. Someone help me?

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Wish me luck :)
[ZOMBiE CyGiG] ranted at 1:46 AM --- Post#3010025885085573188

Today is the last day of heaven. Today is the last day of course. These two weeks seemed so longed, but no matter how its only two short weeks.

There were no ceremony, unlike OETI. Maybe thats the part i like. No ice breaking or cohesion plans. I hate those in OETI, what go out eat ah..blah. Yucks.

I made rather nice friends in these two weeks, got audiophile, got musician, got lots of ppl with big dreams and share some common interest with me. There is no politics here, nothing much to worry about. Relaxed, unstressed.

Haiz. I will be getting my posting tml. Where will i be posted? everyone wish me good luck ba.

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Sunday, April 27, 2008
[TL] ranted at 8:26 PM --- Post#5741737241334846487

Zombie's ...

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Saturday, April 26, 2008
Ordered ESW9!
[ZOMBiE CyGiG] ranted at 11:30 PM --- Post#5251845350538398986

Haha, went to Jaben w Ah Lam to order our goods today! We are buying
- Hornet for Ah Lam
- Audio Technica ATH ESW9 for me!!
- ITouch 32GB for ah lam's friend

Got quite a good pricing for combo orders! Yea! Plus one to my audio collection!

I sold two IC liao. Here is what one of my customer says via SMS,

"Thanks for the interconnect:-) h've gotten the dock lineout too, and i din know the music can so good from the dock!"

Haha..dock nice, not my IC nice. Haha. Sold the other one to a poly student also.

I gave the silver coated IC to ah lam, which i tot sounded bad, but he liked it. OMG in exchange he treated me Jack's Place! Tenderloin steak! Hahah, lots of tendons! Ah Lam and his sis were spitting out tendons like mad while i chew and swallowed them like a delicacy. Unlike someone who not only never treat me, even i treat him also die dun wanna come Jack's Place with me due to fucked up financial management.

Anyway its damn long queue and we ended our dinner damn late.

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Wednesday, April 23, 2008
Mr Ego
[ZOMBiE CyGiG] ranted at 10:31 PM --- Post#9213815440614800859

Nothing in NS beats my storeman course, not only its interesting, fulfilling, our welfares are throughly taken care of as well. It has been a long time since i felt so departed from stress. But i guess tough life will come soon. About half a working year more to go, wish me well, wish me happiness.

Recently obsessed with selling cables online, and some other online trading stuff. Can earn some extra cash to fund my hyper hollow bank account.

I decided to go down to jaben this evening, cos my Comply's are losing its sponginess. Music accompanied me on my way to City Hall, my 555 are blasting Jay Chou into my ears, and the half chui Comply's are cutting me out from society's ranting around me. I can hear nothing but music.

Arriving at City Hall, i tapped out my EZ Link and exited from the back of the station, to this street call Coleman which is so much familiar to me. Crossing the junction, im transported to this Heaven of Sound in Singapore - The Adelphi.

I took the escalator up, by passing the ever eye catching tits revealing poster of a lady in water, then the Jaben show cabinate and then to the top floor. I was expecting to see the big "Golden Ear" sign, but something else caught my view.

Two backs so familiar to me. I wanted to back turn back but im rushing for time. I hecked care and entered Jaben with a long smile. I dint even wanted to look at him, i just look at Uncle Wilson and asked cheekily for my Comply's. Bursting out of curiosity Mr Ego turned around and yelled. I dint want to make things difficult, so i just half ignored him, and kept asking Uncle questions and converse in a typical lame zombitic dialogue with him.

After some pestering he finally left.

I can no longer stand Mr Ego's...ego. I grew tired of all the precise facts twisting arguments and internet links backed comment, as well as living in the aura of "airiness" where one is the king of whatever he wants to be the king of. Through the years i sought upgrade to my OS, and fortunately i found some cupcakes in army that helped me along, be by my side when i need. I found better way to express myself, better way to deal with ppl, though apparently not really successful. Turning around, i saw Mr Ego there, just evolved from Mr Mild Ego to Mr Ego. Whats next? Mr Super Ego?

I never believed in boycotting someone, cos i was boycotted by several shadowy characters in my life. I know how it feels, esp when u were concerned for them and cared for them and they took you for granted and after finish using throw u somewhere smelly.

But again and again this Mr Ego pushed me around, up there..down there. Happy happy talk to me, not happy start all excuses and exaggeration and self boast. Perhaps today he beg you for something, and tml when you ask for a favor in return he churns out excuses and put up his arrogance as a shield to you.

Someone once told me that his uni course will make him a boss, and my art course makes me work for ppl. Sarcastically, he assured me that he will hire me to work for him. Offended, i kept quiet, until a day he asked for my help in drawing some cliparts. I stated a price of $30, and changed the colours as he command. I receive no further instruction for a prolonged period of time, and closed the project. But my funds were never given to me. Being the boss, he was unable to pay me. At VR, a custom logo cost $500, for now i charge custom cliparts for only $30. I do agree it may be a bit steep, but since he was so affirmed of his bossiness (pun intended), then prove it that u can hire and use ppl around u to work for u. He cannot even pay my fee, so much for a boss. In fact, what turned me off most was not the inablilty to pay me, but rather the excuses he put up later on. He could had opened the issue and discuss the matter (perhaps ask if i can waive the fee or custom make another set), but he chose to shift the blame to me in a sharp shooting manner. Still ok. But his tone was way more than arrogance and egoism, making it extremely irritating.

There are way many of these issues. Sometimes its not about u owing someone or who is right or wrong. More of it comes from the way you deal with it. I hate egoism. Someone who always think he is correct, always almighty, and never seem to take in ppl's comment. I hate arrogance, some one who thinks he is a level higher than the rest and can despise others base on his supremacy, rather than the other party's deficiencies (though the latter is also undesirable, but i find it more logical. You blame someone cos u think u are smart sounds much worst than you blaming someone cos he is actually dumb.

Haiz. But thankfully, i still got my other cupcakes with me. Mr Ego should be boycotted for my own mental health sake.

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Saturday, April 19, 2008
Change for better
[ZOMBiE CyGiG] ranted at 10:25 AM --- Post#4560664304063999928

I was lying on my comforty bed, messaging this little girl from my JC. She used to be those little innocent chubby girlie, but now changed to be in love with her darling boyfriend and excelling in studies in uni. She was telling me how stress she was, i was telling how how fucked up army is.

Messaging halfway, a call interrupted. I pushed the green button and picked it up. A familiar voice of another girl came thru the line.

"我在 Overhead bridge 了."
"Ok, 现在过来."

Pulling myself out from my bed, i rolled downstairs like a lard ball, put on my Crocs and down to my void deck. I was limping from my abrasion and joint pains from my morning run, walking slowly towards the bridge.

I walked past my block, seeing school boys and girls returning happily from school. I look up and see housewives hanging clothes outside. Cars returned to carpark lots and working men walked out in a face of weariness. Kicks kicking soccer around the field and uncles talking about stock in the kopitiam. Aunties gossiping loudly about their children around some corner of the void deck. There were muds along the corridor sitting on the benches and stared at me as i limped past.

There she was, strolling towards me. Lol, i never seen her in working attire before, she was clad in a checked shirt, black long pants and leather shoes. Over her shoulders was a Zinc sling bag. She passed me the CD i wanted. Its Gary Chaw's Super Sunshine. Inside got this track i would like to use for audiophile testing.

Since when she started listening to Gary Chaw? Tot she only listen to SHE? We dint talk much. She just told me she MC a lot of days last week.

Haiz. I just realised things and ppl around me changed. More in a positive way than negative. Will i get a change for better? Hope so lor.

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Monday, April 07, 2008
Hard to say
[ZOMBiE CyGiG] ranted at 9:54 PM --- Post#3955414544652779058

My friend asked me to bring his field pack home, cos he lives near me. He is now on course, after course he goes to india. He wun have time to come back to get his field pack. Thus he seeked my help.

I needa bring my own field pack back too. Cos im posting out.

So its two field packs. Today i saw one of my senior driving. So i asked if he can drop me off at Tampines, then i take bus or train home.

"Can u manage? So many bags leh!"
"err..can lah, slowly take home lor" And i went on to explain why im taking two field packs home.

On his car, i took a little nap. To my surprise, when i woke up, i was right beside my house! Wow, he took the trouble to sent me back home! Wah.

I think this world still got ppl who can trust. I beginning to feel what "friendship" is about. Something i never really felt in AJC. Come back to Army VS AJC, one thing army gain is friendship and trust i guess.

After graduating from AJ, im damn skeptical about friendship. Does it really exist? I mean perhaps is through the tough times u are able to show your friendship explicitly, rather than letting ppl base u on via shallow impression.

Im well know for being anti social and screwing up all kinds of relationship, be it with friends, family or siblings. Im just wondering its Army or isit i had perhaps upgraded my OS. Will the same tt happen in AJ happen to me in Uni or NAFA? Hard to say.

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Do i still have the chance?
[ZOMBiE CyGiG] ranted at 12:30 AM --- Post#2794324209358533800

A wild heart stepped out of its cushion,
Venturing into the world of darkness.
I hoped all those were illusions,
But fate played me despite my kindness.

A name of Kranji was told,
I was warned before hand of this hellhole.
Fear made my morale and passion low,
For chaining in and overseas fights broke my soul.

I made some noise,
I kick a fuss.
I made it a complain paradise,
I hope my fight will last.

Somehow my luck was neigh high,
I escape from the clutches of my bunk.
I persuaded the lord I stay behind,
But more for me to discover are serious junk.

No stay in,
No Wallaby.
But politics rolled in,
And I began to hear stories of the Family.

The Family gained essence of power,
Lead by Jabba the Hutt.
They get all their ever desire,
And strangle the rest in their clutch.

Everyone else point their sword at Jabba the Evil,
But the dark force was too strong.
Their own sword got softer,
Some fall to the devil.

I took my aim at Transister,
as well as Fat Boy and Lipsy.
Those freaky idiotic brainwasher,
Corrupting everyone and controls like we are detainees.

Life was bad,
Plaque with useless and time wasting duties.
As much as i regret,
I finally got to go for my IPPT.

I fought and fought,
I wanna post out!
People around me starts to put up act shows,
Soon enough im being taken out.

A call came to me,
An email came to me.
It says i should go.
But fat seems to be playing on me.

I dun think fate will let me off so easily,
I guess sooner or later i will make my return.
Then they will point at me sarcastically,
As my plan to post out took a turn.

So now..what will happen to me?
I waited and waited.
The time had came,
Do i still have the chance?

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Sunday, April 06, 2008
NTU ADM Faculty Test
[ZOMBiE CyGiG] ranted at 3:07 AM --- Post#5568015508413291660

My vision was hard on the map as my dad drove me around NTU. This is the second time and yet we were still unable to locate our destination easily, how pitiful. After some drifting and hard turning, we found ourselves at Carkpark A. Up the slopes and the familiar LT 2A came into view. I alighted in haste, as if im jumping off from a Land Rover in my LBV attire and rifle ready to wage war. I saw a long queue in front, but upon scanning the small tiny labels in front, i saw that the names were categorised into "A to K", then "L to Q" and "R to Z". Why is everyone queuing on the "A to K" line? Everyone's name start with A to K meh? I jumped to the next column of "L to Q", popped out my 11B and got my identification sticker.

The first column of queue was still freaking long like some Great Wall of China. I dun care, i just inched my way into the LT. Instinctively, I wanted to get the last rows of seat, but some coordinator sorted out of seating position manually. I sat down in the middle section of the LT, more towards my right. In fact, im the second last person on the right in that section.

The old school feeling came to me. Haha..how long was it when i last sat for a test? I searched for my pencil case - a gift from my JC friends, and threw out my stationaries onto the table. ZOMG! My old Pilot G2! I pushed the butt and wrote with the tip. Thick dark blue gel ink flows out like semen, so smooth and comfortable! SAF's pens are by far the worst i had ever used in my life. Finally im holding a proper pen! I wrote my name and NRIC and application number.

As the paper start, i found myself in a so damn familiar situation. A situation of an exam! The feeling of time racing and cold air con and urge to peep at the person next to you came back to me like some System Restore. I focused myself on the papers, and trying to recall certain exam techniques my cher used to taught me. I cant really remember anything.

I found that I cant write. I haven been really writing long passages for perhaps 1 year and 5 months. All the while typing and clicking only. My handwriting looks like some sunburnt and flattened grass on paper. I tried my best to remain legible..but my hands are getting tired just after like writing 100 words. Haha..hand degrading liao!

The first question ask me to pick a picture in the paper and describe its emotion, and add a design element to reverse the emotion, as well as add a design element to strengthen the emotion. I picked a pic of this cliff landscape. In the background there is this house, in the foreground a single woman with a jacket (dunno she is wearing it or trying to dry it. Small pic cant see well). I said the landscape was magnificent and tranquil, as compared to the woman, who seems lonely as she is the old person around. I would add a group of children beside her to make her become much lively and turn tranquility to vibrancy of family activity. I would zoom out the picture (not sure if zooming out is considered a design element not also...) to fortify the majestic and tranquil of the picture.

Second question involved sketching. I was told to sketch a city. The first thing that came into my mind was a big and tall buildings..and small silhouette like vehicles and humans in front. I rushed out the sketch as only 20 mins were allocated for it. Come out like fuck. Some kid's 2D drawing. I took a peep at the girl in front. WTF! Some impressionist 3D view of a classic english type train station! KNNCCB! I really..dunno what to say. I added some shading and did my usual use-finger-to-smudge-drawing-then-reline technique to give the city some dreamy and HDR look. Still..look like fuck.

Third question Option A was story telling. They gave me about 50 adjectives and nouns, then want me to pick 10 and use it in a 150 words essay. No prob man! Sotry spinning time! I wrote about this boy call David having aerophobia and described how he feels and how the plane was like before take off. After the story was done, me happily flip on to do the next question..just to realised there is a part two to that! OMG! "Sketch a cover for your story" DIU! I dunno how to draw plane..agar agar..come out another kid's drawing..summore all outta proportion. I only got like 10 minutes left and one question undone!!! the plane and cover i drew was totally nonsense. I took a peep at the girl, this time beside me, and saw her drawing some strawberry and fruits with colour. I feel like drinking grease liao.

Last question states that i got to draw 4 picture, to show growth and change. I was given 4 boxes, like a comic strip. 10 minutes left..and i dunno what to draw. Human is out of the question since i totally dunno how to draw organic stuff. A spark of creativity came to me. What i drew was 4 handphones, labelled "20 yrs ago", "10 yrs ago", "5 yrs ago" and "now" in each of the four boxes. The 20 yrs ago phone was a da ge da, long antenna and no screen. 10 years ago phone has got a single line super pixelised BnW LCD, smaller antenna. 5 yrs ago phone got camera front and back, and slide open and on top is a colour screen. Phone now (iPhone lah...) is simply a big touch screen and few hard buttons. It was an easy job cos im trained in product design. But whether it fits the theme "growth and changes"...tt one i dunno. Well, can be growth and changes in handphone technology cant it be?

I cant draw on hands for nuts..I can only use mouse to vectorize..haiz..my doom = hand drawing. Die lor!

Anyway this faculty test is fucked up. My portfolio also fucked. My video also fucked. I sold my duty for $75 to have time to do portfolio. My friend did guard duty for me today so i could go for the faculty test. I took taxi to reach Singapore Post before closing time and used Speed Post to send my portfolio to them. I think all these gonna be wasted. Totally..WASTED.

Not feeling despair*, I was ready to hand in my paper. Being anti social, i dint want to talk to anyone there. The papers were supposed to be passed to the end of the row for collection. But the girl beside me was editing her answer last minute and therefore missed the instructions. I din want to talk to her, how am i going to notion to her to ask her pass her paper to me? Suddenly, someone taught in army kicked my mind. We were told not to talk out in the field to avoid detection by enemy, if needed, the most we can do is to PSSST our buddy to get his attention. So i PSSSSST the girl beside me...she looked at me..and passed me her paper. I turn to my left and PSSSSST again to the person and passed my and her paper to her.

While the paper is in collection, i had a wonderful view of beauty legs and low cuts around me. And for the moment i had forgotten im a pitiful NSF. Lol..i tot i uni student liao! Imagine life filled with eye candies daily..woooow! Hahaha.

Getting my ass out from the seat...i saw Potato! Hahaha..vulgarities launched from his mouth and we had a quick chat before he went off. I strolled around the area and found McDonal and Subway and other fast food chains there. NTU is my perfect place to gain weight. YES! Muahaha.

I sat down a corner and played Ninja Gaiden on my NDS...while waiting for my dad to fetch me...

*Actually i dun really wanna go NTU. Its my parents who wants me to goto proper uni. I wanted to go NAFA de. So thats why im not too shattered for screwing my NTU application.

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