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Monday, April 07, 2008
Do i still have the chance?
[ZOMBiE CyGiG] ranted at 12:30 AM --- Post#2794324209358533800

A wild heart stepped out of its cushion,
Venturing into the world of darkness.
I hoped all those were illusions,
But fate played me despite my kindness.

A name of Kranji was told,
I was warned before hand of this hellhole.
Fear made my morale and passion low,
For chaining in and overseas fights broke my soul.

I made some noise,
I kick a fuss.
I made it a complain paradise,
I hope my fight will last.

Somehow my luck was neigh high,
I escape from the clutches of my bunk.
I persuaded the lord I stay behind,
But more for me to discover are serious junk.

No stay in,
No Wallaby.
But politics rolled in,
And I began to hear stories of the Family.

The Family gained essence of power,
Lead by Jabba the Hutt.
They get all their ever desire,
And strangle the rest in their clutch.

Everyone else point their sword at Jabba the Evil,
But the dark force was too strong.
Their own sword got softer,
Some fall to the devil.

I took my aim at Transister,
as well as Fat Boy and Lipsy.
Those freaky idiotic brainwasher,
Corrupting everyone and controls like we are detainees.

Life was bad,
Plaque with useless and time wasting duties.
As much as i regret,
I finally got to go for my IPPT.

I fought and fought,
I wanna post out!
People around me starts to put up act shows,
Soon enough im being taken out.

A call came to me,
An email came to me.
It says i should go.
But fat seems to be playing on me.

I dun think fate will let me off so easily,
I guess sooner or later i will make my return.
Then they will point at me sarcastically,
As my plan to post out took a turn.

So now..what will happen to me?
I waited and waited.
The time had came,
Do i still have the chance?

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