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Wednesday, April 23, 2008
Mr Ego
[ZOMBiE CyGiG] ranted at 10:31 PM --- Post#9213815440614800859

Nothing in NS beats my storeman course, not only its interesting, fulfilling, our welfares are throughly taken care of as well. It has been a long time since i felt so departed from stress. But i guess tough life will come soon. About half a working year more to go, wish me well, wish me happiness.

Recently obsessed with selling cables online, and some other online trading stuff. Can earn some extra cash to fund my hyper hollow bank account.

I decided to go down to jaben this evening, cos my Comply's are losing its sponginess. Music accompanied me on my way to City Hall, my 555 are blasting Jay Chou into my ears, and the half chui Comply's are cutting me out from society's ranting around me. I can hear nothing but music.

Arriving at City Hall, i tapped out my EZ Link and exited from the back of the station, to this street call Coleman which is so much familiar to me. Crossing the junction, im transported to this Heaven of Sound in Singapore - The Adelphi.

I took the escalator up, by passing the ever eye catching tits revealing poster of a lady in water, then the Jaben show cabinate and then to the top floor. I was expecting to see the big "Golden Ear" sign, but something else caught my view.

Two backs so familiar to me. I wanted to back turn back but im rushing for time. I hecked care and entered Jaben with a long smile. I dint even wanted to look at him, i just look at Uncle Wilson and asked cheekily for my Comply's. Bursting out of curiosity Mr Ego turned around and yelled. I dint want to make things difficult, so i just half ignored him, and kept asking Uncle questions and converse in a typical lame zombitic dialogue with him.

After some pestering he finally left.

I can no longer stand Mr Ego's...ego. I grew tired of all the precise facts twisting arguments and internet links backed comment, as well as living in the aura of "airiness" where one is the king of whatever he wants to be the king of. Through the years i sought upgrade to my OS, and fortunately i found some cupcakes in army that helped me along, be by my side when i need. I found better way to express myself, better way to deal with ppl, though apparently not really successful. Turning around, i saw Mr Ego there, just evolved from Mr Mild Ego to Mr Ego. Whats next? Mr Super Ego?

I never believed in boycotting someone, cos i was boycotted by several shadowy characters in my life. I know how it feels, esp when u were concerned for them and cared for them and they took you for granted and after finish using throw u somewhere smelly.

But again and again this Mr Ego pushed me around, up there..down there. Happy happy talk to me, not happy start all excuses and exaggeration and self boast. Perhaps today he beg you for something, and tml when you ask for a favor in return he churns out excuses and put up his arrogance as a shield to you.

Someone once told me that his uni course will make him a boss, and my art course makes me work for ppl. Sarcastically, he assured me that he will hire me to work for him. Offended, i kept quiet, until a day he asked for my help in drawing some cliparts. I stated a price of $30, and changed the colours as he command. I receive no further instruction for a prolonged period of time, and closed the project. But my funds were never given to me. Being the boss, he was unable to pay me. At VR, a custom logo cost $500, for now i charge custom cliparts for only $30. I do agree it may be a bit steep, but since he was so affirmed of his bossiness (pun intended), then prove it that u can hire and use ppl around u to work for u. He cannot even pay my fee, so much for a boss. In fact, what turned me off most was not the inablilty to pay me, but rather the excuses he put up later on. He could had opened the issue and discuss the matter (perhaps ask if i can waive the fee or custom make another set), but he chose to shift the blame to me in a sharp shooting manner. Still ok. But his tone was way more than arrogance and egoism, making it extremely irritating.

There are way many of these issues. Sometimes its not about u owing someone or who is right or wrong. More of it comes from the way you deal with it. I hate egoism. Someone who always think he is correct, always almighty, and never seem to take in ppl's comment. I hate arrogance, some one who thinks he is a level higher than the rest and can despise others base on his supremacy, rather than the other party's deficiencies (though the latter is also undesirable, but i find it more logical. You blame someone cos u think u are smart sounds much worst than you blaming someone cos he is actually dumb.

Haiz. But thankfully, i still got my other cupcakes with me. Mr Ego should be boycotted for my own mental health sake.

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