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Tuesday, May 27, 2008
Flooded with bad flashbacks...
[ZOMBiE CyGiG] ranted at 1:16 AM --- Post#9017045931872089096

I met two of my best friends on Sunday. The reason why "best friends" is cos i dun have much other friends. Its a long time since i saw them

To be honest, i had phobia w meeting ppl who i never see for a long time. Just a recap, i got phobia on:
- going out/meeting with a large group of ppl who i dun totally trust (eg class gathering, platoon cohesion)
- going out/meeting ppl who i dint see for long
- mirror
- adapting to new environment or sudden changes and expectation (eg, new camp or new school)
- losing of freedom

My OS automatically filter out unhappy past events, and archive them somewhere deep. But somehow meeting my two old friends seemed to unzip and unrar all these unhappy archives and flood them in my mind since sunday... Suddenly i keep having flashbacks (including emotions other than visual memories), followed by depression and headaches. I seemed to have meet people who i should forget long ago along with the other unhappy memories.

Once again...i slipped into depression..help me..

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Project InterConnect: A Success
[ZOMBiE CyGiG] ranted at 12:12 AM --- Post#8314861357498065244

I would declare my IC making project a little success. I started off about one plus month ago and sold a handful of ICs since then.

From then i had learnt several pointers

1. Its more marketing than anything else
Its more on how u market your product than how good the audio is. An assurance or review from a reliable audiophile is more important than the actual audio-wellness itself. Ppl get self assurance buying things from someone or some company that seems reliable and big. Also ppl tend to judge things by cover. Outlook is everything! Having a cable that sounds like live sex wun sell if it looks like pubic hair. Also u need a point of comparison like "It sounds similar to Silver Bendy" or "Its as good as ALO" for customer to paint a better idea. You will need to have lobang on where to sell, what to sell, type of services etc etc to paint a complete picture.

And thru the course, i realised some other commercial products are total bullshit and sells exp. Gimmicks all the way. I wonder their developer team studied electronics or they studied marketing? But anything since its seems to be useful and working..why not follow them? ^_^

2. Peak reached easily
Alot of things the level of audio-goodness had already reached a peak, where the difference between cables are just different in signatures - meaning no obvious winner or loser. That is unlike the stock IC which is obviously lousy. The rest depends on things like packaging, marketing and word of mouth.

3. Its about exaggeration
When advertising about the ICs, u needa point out explicitly why its better than your competitors. Some features are already there by default for us to package it in. Things like EMI shields, sparking good looking Neutrik plugs, wear and tear protection heat shrink tubes, sleek sleeve design are there for me to list down and state them in my advert in a professional way.

4. Photography is cheating
I dumped the whole idea of one-perfect-shot photography. Learning to edit like a pro is much easier than economically cheaper than learning to shoot like a pro. I borrowed some techniques from yan on how he shoot review photo and apply it to my advert to produce stunning looking pictures.

5. Customization Works!
Ppl like their things to be customised. Thats why i offer customised cable. On the other hand, i shall not offer customisation that i would have big problem achieving. As a added bonus, i had a default cable that i myself think its the best combo of all, and offer it at a lower price to send the idea to my customer that its actually the "right thing" to buy that default cable - becos IMO it is! In that way i can also produce and take in more materials for that default cable as its expected to have more order.

6. Pricing Issues
Never think of getting big bucks at first. Thing about ppl like me, NSF, who cant afford shit. I tend to give NSF and students lee way on bargains cos i understand how shortage of cash feels. For now i just managed to break even from my research cost. It take the cost of ten cables for research purpose to make one final product. Dun think i dint earn anything (since my profit and research fee breaks even), what i got is this priceless thing call experience and knowledge.

7. Get The Right Partners
Doing this alone is simple impossible. I got to thank my friends for all the help.

Wenze - My golden ear as well as walking encyclopedia. Not only he has a rabbit ear, he can answer all my technical questions with ease. Graduating from RJC, wenze is the definite electronics engineer to rely on.

Wenyan - Yet another electronics and audio guru. This guy is nothing but busy, but a good source of help when he is free to talk.

Tsun Lam - My creative manager. Though not technically as skilled, this guy is filled with brilliant ideas to work things out. From packaging to marketing to sourcing for deals and lobang to product design, he will have a share in it.

Desmond - With all the current commercial audio products at his finger tips, he will be my point of contact when it comes to wacking my competitors to dead (though still far from it, im dying first)

Myself - Im the product designer, manufacturer, advertiser, researcher, sales manager and the delivery boy. Enuff said.

With great help on the way, of course there will be some disturbance through the course, some people may boss in our way and flaunt his egoism more than effective work.

I launched so many projects...not that much are successful. I think this project is one of the better ones, though financially lacking, but filled with fun and passion. I will now settle down a bit on cables..and look into other projects...

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Sunday, May 25, 2008
Call Me Panty
[ZOMBiE CyGiG] ranted at 9:30 PM --- Post#3913885554213953380

Image Hosted by ImageShack.us

Youtube link 1
Youtube link 2
Official Site

This is what i call creative! Any girl want?

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Go Vibe DAC
[ZOMBiE CyGiG] ranted at 8:50 PM --- Post#5817391444725101246

Got my Go Vibe DAC from a dear Jabenite in exchange for something exclusive from me ^-^

Im not going to review on the sound since u can find better reviewers elsewhere. Just going to provide some studio photos from me myself as a eye candy for you.

Nikon D80/Tamron 90mm Macro/ISO100/F38/8sec

Image Hosted by ImageShack.us
Image Hosted by ImageShack.us
Image Hosted by ImageShack.us
Image Hosted by ImageShack.us

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Monday, May 19, 2008
CopperMAX IC, Get It From Mr Zombie NOW!!!
[ZOMBiE CyGiG] ranted at 1:54 AM --- Post#8805359223461020049

Image Hosted by ImageShack.us

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Sunday, May 18, 2008
Wu Liao
[ZOMBiE CyGiG] ranted at 2:48 PM --- Post#7636855607026620283

What a lonely Sunday. I just finished making several ICs and amp..nothing much to do.

Storeman life is rather dull. But its better than being xiong. No blog entries means im not depress.

My POSB MasterCard lai liao. Now can buy stuff online le. Feel like getting the AMB amp. ITs said to be better than Hornet.

Hmmm... its just boring and lonely and..wu liao.

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Saturday, May 10, 2008

[TL] ranted at 11:26 PM --- Post#2295492183560968174


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Monday, May 05, 2008
ESW9 Review
[ZOMBiE CyGiG] ranted at 10:07 PM --- Post#7868598399373003238

I got my pair of ESW9 from Jaben on 2nd May 2008. At this point of review, it had been burned in about 30 hours. Though it may not be enough, but it dun seem to change much after the first 10 hours.

Wearing THE ESW9
Its tricky to wear the ESW9. Its supposed to be supra-aural, but because my ears are small, i can fit my whole ear within the ear pads, making it circumaural. Of course, doing so sacrifices comfort and the positioning of the ears may not be correct as relative to where the sound should be heard from. Meaning it will sound like music is blasting into your eardrums.

Else u can wear it the correct way, meaning to say the earcups will press against your ear (which then your ear press against the side of your head). For that its a bit too tight, and your ears will get fatigue from the constant pressing soon.

So after some time, i figured out u got to turn the earcups to fit the shape of your ears. U can turn them one way 90 degrees to make it flat for storage. And you can turn it about 20 degrees the other way to make the ESW9 more comfortable to wear. The sound is better also, less bloated bass, more clarity.

The Outlook and Feel
The ESW9 looks like something prestige right out of the box. Something high class. The wooden cups are lacquered shiny and feels super sturdy. The lamb skin pads are one of the most comfortable i had ever tried. The head bands are padded with leathers as well. Im not sure if these leathers are real or synthetic. The whole feel and look makes me wanna drool already.

No part of ESW9 looks of feel flimsy, i have a feeling this cans can last for long.

This is the sound i heard as according to the way i wear it (mentioned just now).

Treble: Not as good as the Triple Fi, but its good enough for me. Not too accurate but crisp and shiny. Minimum roll offs.

Vocals: I haven heard of a perfect headphone with absolutely no sibilance or vocal highs roll off yet, but ESW9 kept to a low level. Here and there a 'sh' or a 'ch' rolling off the vocals, but generally good to go. The vocals are slightly towards the warm side and pronounced.

Bass: Good for me, but not for some others. It has got a thick bass at the top, and a clear and deep on at the bottom. You can hear the bass notes perfectly, but after a certain frequency, it gets a bit thick and muddy.

Sound Stage: Hmm..a good one. Of course nothing like speakers, but with proper wearing of the cans the sound staging is just rite.

Sound Signature: Overall dark yet rich, the various instruments seemed all packed together at some distant away from you. Fun sounding.

Sure worth the cash! If you want something nice and portable, yet sound good (but not the best), this is the right cans for you! I think the ESW9 and the Porta Pro are the only two portable headphones that impressed me.

I give it a 8.5/10

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A Dying Friend
[ZOMBiE CyGiG] ranted at 12:12 AM --- Post#2479927660420242262

A short story by me, out of sudden inspiration. You can guess my mood after reading this. Sorry for lots of language mistakes.

Using every last ounce of his strength, Leng moved his pupils in my direction. His vision readjusted to focus on my face, as I brought my arms forward and placed my palms on his laps. His laps felt like just skin and bones, they had retired and passed on their jobs to the wheel chair many months ago.

"Hey, are you feeling better?" I asked with my deepest concern.

"Haha, are you kidding? Its terminal leh. Cannot cure one." Leng sounded so faint, I could hear his heaving in between changes of breath, I'm so afraid it's going to stop anytime before me.

He was sitting on a wheelchair, with a large number tag on top for hospital personnels to identify the patients. Rusty and paint-peeled areas were obviously visible to me, indicating how long it had been dutifully serving his master. I guessed the poor wheelchair deserved a good maintenance. He did not want to rest in bed as he complained of backaches from the prolonged lying and sitting on bed. While on wheelchair, he could bring himself around the hospital as he wished, though given his physical conditions, it's highly unlikely that he could even leave the ward, but still I guess it gave him the sense of freedom.

"Dun worry lah, will be ok one"

"Aiyo..." Leng turned his head towards the window. Outside, it's a typical scene of Singapore - blue sky, clean roads, lots of trees, buzzing vehicles and occasion warbling of vision due to the extreme hot air in the lion city.

I sat on one of the visitor chair, not knowing what exactly to do. Before I came, i thought it would a saddening session, but to my disbelief, Leng did not look too..hmm...pitiful? Of course it's obvious he was a victim of some killer disease, which in this case, Leukemia. Final stage. No cure.

To put it blatantly across, he did not felt like a dying man. In fact, I'm the one down here that felt like the diminishing party. My life was plague with depress and anxiety disorder. Not to mention stress and more stress. Some were from my workplace, some from my parents, and others made up by myself. I was then an NSF (someone serving the army, the rest of the details were not important). Enough said.

A question suddenly arrived in my head, perhaps it came from one of the book i had read - Tuesdays With Morrie.

I called out for Leng from my seat. He turned his head in curiosity, expecting me to ask one of those standard questions they would ask a patient. I cant help but to notice his balding head, which was once blooming with dark shiny hair. It must be the chemotherapy.

"Leng ah, err..you not scared of dying?"

He froze, and then frowned. I though I just asked an ultimate wrong question. How could I be asking such a question to someone dying? What was I doing?

His frown and rigid expression broke, and began laughing. I felt more comfortable.

"Hahaha...Nope! Im more than happy."


"I remember I was once told, reaching heaven is the ultimate way to attain happiness. I wun have to suffer anymore dude!" Leng pushed his head towards me, and made a big big smile. Wrinkles could be seen on this twenty year old.

"But..you are losing everything! Your family, your friends, your life! You wouldn't be able to eat your fav dish, play your UT3, kick soccer..." I blurted in disbelief, unable to comprehend why he would give such an answer? Was he mad?

"Everyone has to go sometime lah. Your family and friends will have to grief for you sooner or later. Haha, at least i dun have to grief for anyone! Hahaha!", Leng gave the answer half jokingly, hinting I should be laughing as well. "I lose everything yes! I lose my troubles as well dude!"

I was totally baffled. Wasn't Leng too optimistic? Or was I too pessimistic and skeptical about life. Leng could face death so relaxingly, like queuing up to go to paradise and never to look back again. I did not say anything for minutes, just sitting there quietly trying to process the whole logic. Seeing that I was exclaimed, Leng gestured with his wrinkled and saggy arm for me to go nearer to him.

I stood up from my chair and proceeded to sit beside him on his bed. Now this time he put his hands on my lap. He looked deep into my eyes, paused a while, before continuing his explanation.

"I dun have to worry about money again. I dun have to worry about studies again. I dun have to worry about army! Haha you still got to do your duties and go outfield! Im the legendary PES F! I have no future to worry about, no more pain stake lecture notes from schools, no more nagging from parents. I dun have to feel stressful anymore! No one can stress me! I can finally put down all my arguments with Singapore politics and how this sucks and that rocks cos its no longer going to be relevant. In a sense im selfish, but which human isnt selfish? "

He said all that in one breath. And then he closed his eyes and sucked in more air. He was exhausted and simply speaking long sentences could drain all his energy. That's the power of cancer.

Leng opened his eyes, now he slowly slided his palms up to my shoulder. He attempted to give me a tight hug, but it turned out to be a weak squeeze. A tear rolled off my cheeks. I did not know how to respond.

"Dun worry for me k? I will be your best buddy, in your heart..." Leng lifted his finger and pointed to my chest, shaking. His finger then poked where my heart was.

"In my heart..." I repeated, and held on to his palms so tight.

I managed to suppress my emotion. I gave a quick excuse that I had something important, and rushed out of the ward, by then my tears was already like a tap, flowing and flowing...

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Sunday, May 04, 2008
More ICs
[ZOMBiE CyGiG] ranted at 2:08 AM --- Post#182061625592954646

Went to ah TL's house to make some ICs again. The above two are the two IC we did for the day. IC A is the same one as the previous grey IC, just a different jacket, at first it sounded a bit bassy and muddy, but after some time of listening, it seems that the two sound more or less the same.

IC B is the same as the the one TL posted below, the one which he said "think i saw this IC somewhere before...". Yes, no doubt its the same one as the one selling in Jaben. It took us an accidental discovery to find out how to get this cable. There are previous silver plated cables, like this but look closely that cable is opaque white and dun feel quite the same. While this IC B, the inside cables are translucent, u can see the wires inside. Due to poor image quality, u wun be able to see it in TL's post.

There is a third cable we made. This cable CANNOT be bought anywhere else. We cannot say cos its considered an offense to tell the public what that cable is.

We attempted to open the floating silver IC TL has, but in the process damaged it. Upon unscrewing the plug and looking inside, the sleeve broke, and TL tore open the skin to reveal a metallic shield beneath. And for some reason now the connection is unstable, sometimes one side no sound. Haha sorry lah. Sorry sorry..

Among all, IC A has the most bass, IC B i think is rather balanced and accurate. Floating Silver IC is a bit like IC B, balanced and accurate but providing a sweet sweet sound and a slightly different signature.

And btw, in case someone is reading my blog. Im not looking for money, im looking for heart and sincerity and a change of his distasteful personality. When u owe someone money, the first thing u do is NOT to retaliate (unless u Jackie Chan or Jet Li) and rob the bank, but rather u try to talk things nicely and ask for some room for discussion, maybe you should even clarify the amount and perhaps nicely justify why you should not pay. Arguing and egoism and trying to win all the time, playing with words is not meant to be used everytime, but someone seemed to be abusing it until its totally disgusting. Sometimes he should just be more sincere and truely learn his mistake. I say again, its not the money i want to see FIRST, money later.

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Saturday, May 03, 2008

[TL] ranted at 11:17 PM --- Post#5127742391503736894

think i saw this IC somewhere before...

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[TL] ranted at 7:41 PM --- Post#6480272333587820697

don't ask.............
zombie will explain later

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Thursday, May 01, 2008
Allak Chair
[ZOMBiE CyGiG] ranted at 11:17 PM --- Post#6827325601888605308

New Allak swivel chair!!! Super Comforty!

My old blue chair behind. Had been giving me backaches since ages ago.

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Boy 13 gets raped by 5 girls aged 15 to 16!
[ZOMBiE CyGiG] ranted at 10:15 AM --- Post#771615488431537140

Singapore, Sunday, 27 April 2008

A secondary school boy of age 13 was raped by a gang of 5 girls aged 15 to 16 yesterday afternoon 26 April 2008 in the girls toilet of their school.

"They dragged me into the toilet, and pointed a penknife at me. They told me that if I shouted and got them into trouble they will cut me up. They then made me take off all my clothes. One of the girls kept watch at the door, and two others held my arms. They then took turns to perform oral sex on me."

As it was a Saturday, most of the school was empty as most of the students have left after their CCA events in the morning.

However that was not the end of the boy's ordeal, as they later pinned him down on the toilet floor and proceeded to have sex with him. According to the boy, they each had to do it ten times minimum.

"When they were done, they told me not to tell anyone, and that I was now under their protection. They just left me there on the floor."

The boy told his mother Mdm Lee (not her real name) as soon as he got home, who immediately contacted the school.

The school could not be contacted for more details at this point of time.

Early this morning 27 April 2008, all those involved in the earlier case of the 13 year old boy raped by 5 teenage girls were sent to Tan Tock Seng Hospital for a medical checkup accompanied by their parents. All of whom did not want to comment. It was noted that the girls did not look repentant at all for what they did and that they were rather hostile to the nursing staff.

One of them was overheard screaming vulgarities at one of the female doctors warning her that if she touched her private parts again she would pee on her face.

According to retired lawyer Alan Verchinco, all those involved were underage, thus their identities will definitely not be disclosed to the public.

"To tell you the truth such cases has indeed ever happened in Singapore before, but it is usually the other way around. I was really stunned when I heard about it. However if charged, the girls are expected to spend a maximum of 2 years in a government girls home located in Toa Payoh."

It is currently not known at this point if the five girls were part of a larger gang, or if this was their first victim that came forward.

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