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Sunday, May 04, 2008
More ICs
[ZOMBiE CyGiG] ranted at 2:08 AM --- Post#182061625592954646

Went to ah TL's house to make some ICs again. The above two are the two IC we did for the day. IC A is the same one as the previous grey IC, just a different jacket, at first it sounded a bit bassy and muddy, but after some time of listening, it seems that the two sound more or less the same.

IC B is the same as the the one TL posted below, the one which he said "think i saw this IC somewhere before...". Yes, no doubt its the same one as the one selling in Jaben. It took us an accidental discovery to find out how to get this cable. There are previous silver plated cables, like this but look closely that cable is opaque white and dun feel quite the same. While this IC B, the inside cables are translucent, u can see the wires inside. Due to poor image quality, u wun be able to see it in TL's post.

There is a third cable we made. This cable CANNOT be bought anywhere else. We cannot say cos its considered an offense to tell the public what that cable is.

We attempted to open the floating silver IC TL has, but in the process damaged it. Upon unscrewing the plug and looking inside, the sleeve broke, and TL tore open the skin to reveal a metallic shield beneath. And for some reason now the connection is unstable, sometimes one side no sound. Haha sorry lah. Sorry sorry..

Among all, IC A has the most bass, IC B i think is rather balanced and accurate. Floating Silver IC is a bit like IC B, balanced and accurate but providing a sweet sweet sound and a slightly different signature.

And btw, in case someone is reading my blog. Im not looking for money, im looking for heart and sincerity and a change of his distasteful personality. When u owe someone money, the first thing u do is NOT to retaliate (unless u Jackie Chan or Jet Li) and rob the bank, but rather u try to talk things nicely and ask for some room for discussion, maybe you should even clarify the amount and perhaps nicely justify why you should not pay. Arguing and egoism and trying to win all the time, playing with words is not meant to be used everytime, but someone seemed to be abusing it until its totally disgusting. Sometimes he should just be more sincere and truely learn his mistake. I say again, its not the money i want to see FIRST, money later.

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