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Sunday, June 29, 2008
[ZOMBiE CyGiG] ranted at 1:00 AM --- Post#7452456990445356540

A list of Projects going on:
- Zombie's Trading Card Game
Still working on some card game concept to kill boredom..

- Mint Box amp
The traditional cmoy amp that can be housed in a candy box. Im halfway done, first prototype is out but with serious short circuit problem on the breadboard. Got sound with amplification, as well as lots of distortion, hissing, and statics.

- Tomato's Cover Wallpaper
Half way thru designing Tomato's very very own wall paper. Hope to give it to her by her bd.

- Zombie Studio's Icon
My zombie is halfway done..

- GIGA amp
Actually already done, now looking for a better casing for it thats all. Review soon.

- AMB Mini3 Amp
A DIY kit. Rather complex for noob like me. Hopefully a good assemble.

- Photo Artwork
My next artwork, will be a studio photo artwork. Still brainstorming.

As u see from my list. Lots of electronics stuff going on. I must learn more new skills, hopefully will be useful in life. To be honest im damn tired. Rushing my own projects after army till late in the nite. Gonna slow down soon. Miss those NDS nites..

Went out w sis on friday. took a day of leave cos tml got duty. Its a long time since i went out w my classmate. Ate Pepper Lunch at AMK Hub...there things had changed, the only constant is irritating AJC kids..

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Monday, June 16, 2008
[ZOMBiE CyGiG] ranted at 12:32 AM --- Post#904356887570394797

Sat was a tiring day. The afternoon was at Jaben with Wenze and Gwee...helped out gwee to get his pair of cans.

After that i went PC show w tomato. She like just half awake cos just back from camp. Help her got her laptop. Haha..i used Dell brochure to talk to Acer ppl! Acer got lots of booth..all by different retailer. Haha..the guy from Newstead saw us go over to MC2 sibei kan jiong.

Anyway..after we got our laptop..Tomato was carrying it..the laptop almost draggin the ground liao..lol SHORT! Ok lah i not tall also lah. Went to MJ got this FFCC: Rings of Fates sound track! Yeah.

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Sunday, June 15, 2008
NeoMini DAC review
[ZOMBiE CyGiG] ranted at 8:30 PM --- Post#8184293171433432217

Image Hosted by ImageShack.us
Image Hosted by ImageShack.us
Image Hosted by ImageShack.us

This is the NeoMini DAC i assembled myself. Came as a DIY Kit.

It comes without the casing and USB cable. The above seen casing was bought from Sim Lim Tower. It dint fit of course, not before i drilled holes, cut openings and superglued some chopped up ice cream stick to hold it in place.

Assembling the DAC was not too challenging. I have poor soldering skills and miraculously got it work. The joints are not too cramped to each other. My only complain is that the kit comes without instructions, the only instruction online was in Chinese.

The given jacks are RCA, which was not very useful for me since most of my audio devices used 3.5mm plugs. Thus i got one 3.5mm chassis mounted jack myself. For some overkilling, i used Home Grown Audio's 99.99% pure silver wire to hook the jack to the fiberglass PCB.

The sound from this DAC is rather uninteresting. Meaning to say its rather flat. It has a crisp but slightly overdosed highs. The mids are rather flat. The bass is controlled. To sum up, it gives a very clean flat sound.

Clarity wise, I tot Go Vibe DAC (DAC version only, no amp) was better, but upon more listening i find that the Go Vibe DAC has a colourful sound in the vocals and highs and lots of bass, which makes it seemed more clear. But acutally NeoMini's clarity is slightly better, if not on par with that of Go Vibe's.

The NeoMini DAC got problem powering my Triple Fi, at max volume its considered soft and has lots of clipping. No enuff power... Hooking my Go Vibe Petite Amp with SilverMAX (pure silver IC) solved the problem. On the other hand, the Go Vibe can power my Triple Fi and ESW9 without any problem.

Image Hosted by ImageShack.us

I also noted distortion (high harsh and roll offs) if the volume (controlled in Windows) is at Max. Lowering it to about 75% makes the sound much cleaner.

Attatching a ferrite core to my USB cable seems to improve and cleanse the sound. Not yet to try on Go Vibe.

Image Hosted by ImageShack.us

Go Vibe or NeoMini? Basically Go Vibe has a much more dynamic and colourful sound, with nice bass and can power headphone straight. On the other hand, NeoMini has a flat and accurate sound and require an amp, definitely. Its hard to say which outdo which, but personally i would prefer Go Vibe a bit more for its sound signature.

All photographic work are by me, no reproduction without permission.

"Silver cable? I even listened to GOLD before! I took my mom's gold chain and put my ears on it. It sounds like...nothing..."
- Wenze, 14 June 2008

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Monday, June 09, 2008
[ZOMBiE CyGiG] ranted at 11:07 PM --- Post#8676545449200294502

MY head is bursting. A list of worries

- Cables..how to promote, improve, research..etc etc..keep wanting to practice making but never got any better in skills...addicted to soldering cables summore.

- Tomato's drawing. The drawing i promised her years ago are never complete. Simply due to lack of brain power to design.

- Childhood's Card game. Wanted to bring back my childhood DIY card game to a professional level. Again nothing yields due to lack of brain power

- Raising fund to support Yantronic's amp building. Since i promise i got to do it. Need to raise $500 to support his research.

- Neutrik necklace. Seems like going to be another dead project...

- Tml's dinner? Should i or should i not go? I feel awkward the last time..perhaps im not welcomed?

- Wed's Dinner from previous unit. Go or not? I wanna meet my friends much..but find it a hassle to rush here and there...formal dining summore...

- Brand new sketch book project... Not started and no time to start...

I wanna do lots of things...but everyday so tired..how to do my stuff? I dun understand, i only do some paperwork and shift some stuff in camp..what makes me so tired every nite when i get home. Even last time as a technician where its much more physically challenging, i also filled w energy when i book out. I feel stress...but dunno stress over what. I feel depress..but depress over what?

Why my brain power getting less and less..I lost my creative and design skills for nuts...I cant think i cant create...i feel only tiredness thats all...


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Sunday, June 08, 2008
KSC75 Recabled!
[ZOMBiE CyGiG] ranted at 1:03 AM --- Post#3409041031016384821

hahaha...burn my fingers for recabling my KSC75. On the left u see the recabled clip ons. Right top is orginal cable. Bottom left is another cable that i tired to recable, but too stiff to use.

Top is SiLVERiPLATE, silver plated cable
Middle is CopperMAX, copper cable
Bottom is SilverMAX, pure silver cable
All newly packaged!! Hahaha.

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Wednesday, June 04, 2008
Supple Assistant - A Review
[ZOMBiE CyGiG] ranted at 9:21 PM --- Post#6332274808861680557

As promised, i will write a review on the job of a Supply Assistant after one month. I was a Turret Technician, now a Supply Assistant. Pls note that i will be comparing Turret Tech from my previous unit VS Supply Assistant in my current unit. And NOT general tech VS store sense.

Job Scope
Used to repair turrets, go outfield, almost went overseas. Now my job is to keep track and complete paperwork and shift items.

Work Place
Used to be in a camp closed to civilization, very easy access to MRT. But distant from gate to workplace is very very far. Now in a camp which is perhaps 30% harder to get to, but fromt gate to guard house is faster. Shuttle bus services also.

Used to face ultimate chao keng ppl, and constant firing of arrows and politics. But i have lots of damn good buddies and cupcakes as well. Although my colleagues now aint tip top, but at least much less problematic. Inter-colleague relationship is much distant and further.

The Killers
Used to go outfield, sit in the vehicle like a rotting log and endure days of smelly uniform. Now, dun seem to have any outfield activities.

Used to die die also do roughly 3 to 5 points of Guard Duty. Now doing roughly 3 points of Orderly duty, due to my feet problem.

Used to fall out at 6.30pm, even u completed yout job. The latest OT was 4am. Now unless really needed, fall out at 5.30 sharp.

Use to stay in, now stays out.

Used to fall in at about 7.45am, and 7am if got PT. Now fall in at 8am.

Used to have PT even if u are medically unfit. Now if u are unfit, u cant choose not to participate.

The lower management (direct superior) when i was a tech was rather satisfactory. I have SSG that let me in charge of the section, helping me out when i need and praise me when I completed my work. I got MSG that organize the section in tip top condition, fight for our rights, know our problems and talk cock with us. Now my direct superiors are a bunch of egoistic ladies that do not listen well to us, biased to certain people, very rude, nags way too much and have no proper organisation.

The middle management when i was a technician was totally screwed up. PS who cared only for his fame, left his men to die, super bias, NATO, totally no welfare, lots of rubbish theory, politics play...Enuff Said. Since the store now exist both as a section and platoon, there is no middle management.

The upper management was also politics playing, in which i seriously dunno whats happening. My upper management now seems pretty in shape and organised.

Used to have a full 45min breakfast. Now all breakfast must be taken into the store to consume.

Used to have a 1.5 hours lunch and a nice bed to sleep after lunch. Now lunch is only one hour and no sleeping during lunch time.

Used to have useless dialogue session. Now dialogue session seems much more responsive.

Offs, leaves and MA are much lenient now.

Im surprised physical usage is much more now. More of upper limb activities. Used to have equal share of low limb actives as well (climbing, squatting). Nowadays everyday move items of more than 50KG, despite my shoulder injury.

Paperwork is definitely much more now. Have u been killed by paperwork before?

I think i used to be more stress than now.

Thats about the end of my slip short quick review.

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