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Tuesday, July 29, 2008
An army rant
[ZOMBiE CyGiG] ranted at 9:13 PM --- Post#6808413101978347216

Here is a story in my store in a certain unit.

The Store IC, an aunty filled with agony in her mid 40's. Super bias for ppl who listen to her and suck up to her. Extreme double standard, she will use her rank to force u to do stuff and make u say "No" when she ask "Did i ever use my rank on you?". What is say is exact opposite of what she does. More egoistic than most guys i ever seen, she is always correct, no place for failure for her, even if she fails, she will never admit. Her mood swing is utmost unpredictable, as if everyday having period. Due to her low education level, she has rather poor management skills, yet wants to cover her ass. End up lots of extra work.

The Store 2IC. First impression: Fat. A lady of lipids, with added laze and stubbornness. A hated figure all the way up till CO level. Loves to take MC, and pushes away all responsibility to everyone else. Dun seem too smart, retardation in her movement and thinking. Like the IC, she also loves to pick on ppl she hates, she seems to be everyone. She was brought to investigation several times for negligence as well as for her bad attitude. Her favorite past time to suck up to officers, but never realised that they all find her an unpleasant sight and irritating.

As the store is messed up, HQ sent this warrant officer down to help out. Though he has a high rank, but he has no appointment in the Store, thus unable to make decisions, only can advise. He is a fatherly figure that everyone love to approach. Understands NSFs well and explain things in great details. Seldom hear any shouting or vulgarism from him.

Here is how it goes. MSG XXX and YYY always wage "war" with other senior specs in the unit, often over very small issues. As they two cannot work with each other, things often complicates and blow up. Most of the NSFs do not like to work under either of them, reason being they are too naggy, too bias, and often they act unreasonably. She can tell you to do one thing, and later one scold you cos she claims that she told you to do another. Their instructions are never clear, I have difficult understanding what they want. Upon more questioning, they told me not to question because "I AM (SHE IS) MORE SENIOR, DUN QUESTION ME (HER)". If i dun ask, they will say i dun have the heart to do things. WO ZZZ will always sit by the side and shake his head in disapproval, but cannot do anything as he has got no appointment.

And thus everyone look for WO ZZZ for help. No one wanna go through MSG XXX and YYY. The two woman feels very unhappy that all her men are not respecting her, but never realized the cause of it.

Every time when tasked to do something from MSG XXX, we will gladly do it. As we are doing our job, WO ZZZ will come and advise us on the correct and more efficient procedure to work. When we told him this is how specifically MSG XXX wants it, he will shake his head. Then he will approach MSG XXX and tell her nicely she should change her working method. MSG XXX will blow up, and call us in, accusing us of using WO ZZZ's rank on her and accuse us of telling WO ZZZ of what she tell us. We tried explaining what it was WO ZZZ who came and ask, not tt we purposely ask him to interfere, but she retorted that "Where got so coincidental?" But the truth is WO ZZZ is always walking around and monitoring what we doing, and thus knows what we all are working on.

This happens day in day out. Getting accused for nothing.

To add on, this MSG YYY keep taking MC, and no one has any idea what she is working on. Ppl from the unit get angry when they cannot find her to settle stuff and blame us, her assistant, for being incompetent. When there is high workload, she will take MC and siam everything, leaving her shit to us.

I cannot tahan working in such environment. This is why im so damn depress nowadays. I dare not even sleep, i scared when i sleep the next day will come faster..and i will have to face them all again. I dare not even step into the officer, the war zone. Arrows flying here and there...i find myself hiding on a corner at the back. Everyday i will have to worry about how to face and answer to them. Im getting berserk soon... Im getting depressed and over anxious day by the day..lesser and lesser sleep..that i think one day i will just die in front of them.


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