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Sunday, July 13, 2008
Gary Chaw, Welcome To My Word!
[ZOMBiE CyGiG] ranted at 9:54 AM --- Post#86728703753114904

What a tiring day. Morning woke up..then my parents took me to some restaurant in PSA building to have buffet lunch. The food not bad lah, but i dint have any appetite then, cos my mini3 phone jack has got some problem - its keeps popping my IC out. I ordered Chicken Feet quite a lot of times..the rest of the food is okok. The Crab was Crap, cold cold de. The Peking duck skin like some granny's skin liddat, so rubbery.

I eat the crab until my whole hands and chop sticks and spoon and table filled with chilli, plus i spilled my chinese tea on the table. Multi Kill!

Now im blogging im starting to get hungry remembering yesterday's food. Now i dare not gorge myself in buffet liao, thanks to my previous Sakura experience, lao sai for days and days...

My parents drove me to SLT and they went off to get my dad's car servicing done. I got my two new 3.5mm jacks, an allen key set and some O rings.

I rushed to Jaben to get my Super Comply's for my 555. The new Complys has got great isolation! Got 1/2 m of VDH's 501 Hybrid.

Back home, i quickly solder up my two audio jacks and my new IC. Sounds great, went to bath and went out again to Kallang MRT.

Met Tomato there for the Gary Chaw concert. We do have lots of problem finding our way there, but luckily i still remember a bit on how to goto Kallang Leisure Center cos wenze took me there b4.

We ate Pastamania there, i took the usual Spicy Cray fish. Then off we goto the Indoor Stadium. Took us some times to navigate around, and found that our seat has been relocated from B32 to T32, an improvement i would say, cos B32 is on the Balcony..and on the extreme right hand side.. T32 is much nearer to the stage.

To be honest, i was disappointed with the concert:
- The seat is sooo small i wack my butt sitting down.
- Air con lagi stuffy.
- The so call 'extended stage' is merely a 5m narrow walkway out from the main stage.
- The stage looks like last minute work, BUDGET is the word.
- The audio system sucks big time, my speakers can do a better job!
> Frequent high harsh in vocals
> Roll offs EVERYWHERE! High mid low all!
> The bass was tooo overwhelming
> Almost ZERO clarity, I cant hear properly between the instruments
> Extreme blaring loud! I have to use my 555 as ear plugs
- Poor seating plan, such that if u sit near to the stage, u got to raise your head and see Gary's feet. If u sit far, u cant see a shit. From my seat, i got to turn my head all the while causing neck strain, and the speakers are on my right ear making one side too loud, very inba.
- The projector projecting the stage performance was off colour and certainly not high definition.

But other than that, Gary was great. I try to make out what he singing thru the fucked up speakers, though not decent, but i still tell what he got an awesome voice. Nice lows and nice highs. My fav part is of course, My Way, cos that song was used for audio testing all the while.

When the concert ends, we got problem getting home...all the buses are cramped like fuck. Its getting late and i though by the time it reach our time no more bus services liao. So we decided to take taxi..NO TAXI! first time in my life so hard to get a taxi one! All going into the stadium is On Call, all going out is hired. Anyhow walk walk walk trying to walk back to the MRT...but failed. Ended up dunno where..and STILL NO TAXI. At like 12am...one taxi dropped off a passenger near us and we chiong to grab before someone else get it.. I bear the $6 taxi cost..haha cant let tomato pay cos the concert she treat me de :)

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