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Wednesday, August 27, 2008
[ZOMBiE CyGiG] ranted at 12:24 AM --- Post#6536958843654309300

War! We go to war everyday, perhaps not all of us, but at least me and a few peepz. In this modern society, war is invisible. We dun have our SAR21, M249 or the bazooka, the only weapons we have are our mouth, emails, PMs, letters, behaviours, blog enteries, instructional 'arrows'....Our battlefield comprises of real life spaces (Offices, departments, home...) as well as cyber arenas (forum, blogs, email storage).

Sometimes we put on our flame thrower, and attempt to flame opponents in forums, the more you flame, the hotter the topic becomes, and u invite more bystanders to join in the massacre. At times, we dun even know each other in cyber spaces, but we go all out to fight for our own views and beliefs. Some provide a reference to their real life identity, some take cover behind his monitor. Sometimes trolls visit us, and the best way to win the war is not to feed it. More often than not, the flaming end up with no conclusion and a messy goo of vulgarities and hatred. The egoistic of man motivated them to work harder to get their view agreeable by others, while defend accuses and accusations from the rest of the members.

Sometimes we draw an arrow, and aim it at the one next to you. He may be shot and be tasked with extra job or he may block and divert the arrow to someone else. Our mouths are the equivalent to the SAW in war, rattling non stop on a belt of almost infinite rounds. The more mouths on your side, the higher the chances of winning.

Im sick of war, fighting them day in day out. Sian liao. Sometimes its good to retreat and surrender. U wun feel so tored..

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