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Thursday, September 04, 2008
Happy Birthday Tomato!
[ZOMBiE CyGiG] ranted at 11:44 PM --- Post#7622448293169080930

Happy Birthday to Tomato
Happy Belated Birthday to my dearest Fan Qie. Wish u all the bess in uni. Dun have money to buy u Fujitsu U2010, will buy you 01xSHE album ba. Yet to see Trendimato style wor..

Image Hosted by ImageShack.us

My Good Sister
Seriously, till now, only one person will actually sms me and ask how am i. I really appreciate it. That person is my sisty. Thanks a lot.

Dunno what wrong with me, for the last 3 days, i fell asleep almost right after dinner. My limbs are weak and my mind swirling in the air. I think sudden sleep shortage or smthing. Today better, much more energy, thats why blogging out everything one shot.

Dark Secrets
Im playing Sherlock Holmes, unlocking several very dark secrets somewhere. Her face tells me she is more than it meets the eye. And i got to find out why. This is probably a way of defending myself. Its always good to hold some weakness of your enemy.

A robber pointed a revolver at your forehead, it seemed like a random case of aggressive theft, but deep below the robber's main motive to kill you is not for the money, but to silence you because you showed signs that you had intruded a certain secret that he do not what you to know. You may not even took note of what u actually know that he do not what you to.

It started off when i tot she was simply unreasonable, but more things came in, disappearing ppl, strange behavior, unexplained phenomenon etc... Just when i was discussing it with some buddies, they half-revealed an alternate path. I re-inspected the assumed crime scene, i interrogated witnesses, I look for evidence left by the criminal. They all seem to be piecing together, nicely in chronological order. Alot of stuff that i deduce tally with some of the witness's account. A lot more can be analyzed.

I must be careful, the guardians of the dark secrets are very defensive. I should not fall into traps. I must know who to trust and who not to. I must know to to siphon more information from those who are unwilling to share. Very soon, i will know the truth.

Life Lesson
Being in army had taught me 101 life lessons. I dint regret getting into a service vocation after all. If im in a combat vocation, most prolly i would be doing a lot of physical training and just grow a bit strong and much dumber for simply following commands instead of thinking.

Instead now im trained to deal with different ppl and different working environment. My office political skills had gone up. My socializing skills had improved. My teamworking skills had upped.

I dun mind im putting on like lots of weight from slacking. In fact its the uniform that is shrinking..thats why they now changing uniform..ahhh.. But at least these two years i learned a lot of important social skills.

AJC is part one, NS is part two. After completing my fours years of tough mental-socio training i think i should be more prepared for the real deal in the workforce/degree education.

3 more months to go. 3 more months to ORD. 3 more months to freedom. Then ZOMBiE CYGiG will revive, once again.


Image Hosted by ImageShack.us

I dint realised i had so much opamp until i took a look into my collection. Actually these are not considered a lot, its just a lot as compared to last time. Trying out one of these on the mini3 every month. Still looking for one that i like the best.

The big ones are DIP8 packaged, the small ones are SOIC packaged. The same opamp can come in different packages. As u can see, it can be manufactured so minutely in SOIC (or prolly even smaller), but some design use DIP8 for easily rolling of the chips.

Hippocase Ampsack Alternative
I found a suitable pouch to put my portable audio rig. Thats the Bagman AM02-D21L. I wanted to get a hippocase ampsack, but dint have time to source for it. The pricing would prolly turn me off as well. The most important factor is that i dun think u can fit a cowon d2 in.

Image Hosted by ImageShack.us

My specification for a suitable pouch:
1. Able to fit both D2 and Mini3 in
2. Rubberband-less
3. Provide some form of shelter and amour
4. Cater for the extra height due to the interconnect
5. Stress-less outlet for headphone wire
6. Easy access to D2 (at least the forward and backward button) to change track
7. Can attach to belt

I saw one Net Geo pouch with two equal compartments, but the price blew me off. The rest of the camera pouches have too much padding and cant fit both device in, without use an oversized one.

I saw this Bagman pouch during Comex. Im a user of Bagman, i would say given the pricing its quality is superior. I also agree its a Crumpler rip off. But it ripped off at a much more value for money state, and the build quality is more than acceptable for me.

As u can see from the above pic, the earphone can come out easily and stress-lessly. Everything is in one neat package. It can be attached to belt too.

Image Hosted by ImageShack.us

It fits in both the D2 and mini3 nicely.

Image Hosted by ImageShack.us

With the IC plugged it, u can still close the cover. The cover can be closed at varying length due to the velcro design. When closed, it provides some protection from rain. The slightly padded body gives armor as well.

My only complain is that i may have problem looking for the forward and backward button on my D2.

Guess the price?


New Product: SilverMAX Ultra

Image Hosted by ImageShack.us

Actually its not too new. Been here for quite a while, i never blog about it only. Its 08x26AWG Pure Silver. Spotting a NYS231LG, which is not available readily. Its done by taking the gold tip of NYS231G and using it on NYS231L body. Note now my cables are labelled also.

Current Portable Audio Rig

Image Hosted by ImageShack.us

Sneak peak at my portable audio rig.

D2 (vol 34 Virtual Line Out)> SilverMAX Ultra > Mini3 > Triple Fi with Comply's

Comply's yellow liao. Time to order more online. Hehehe.

This mini3 spots the classic OPA2134 opamp. Im beginning to see the "art" of Burr-Brown's opamp. Good bass, muddy but im ok with it. The details are there, beyond the bass, its not loss. The highs and mids are doing well also. For those who likes tubby bass (RnB and Rock?), OPA2134 is for you.

Still burning in, see if the sound will change further.

Audio Noobs
I finally understood what an audio noob is. Im seeing lots and lots daily. First of all, im not a pro. I only have around 4 years of experience in portable audio, and half a year in PCB & Components and cable assembling.

Im irritated when i see ppl buying things cos "my friend say XXXX Product very nice, one of the best in the range", or "My friend is a pro, he say must use XXXX Product", or "Everyone using XXXX Product, it must be good man". U already gave the product a good impression b4 u even try one, even its bad it will still be nice to you. Or worst still, u never try it b4 u buy.

"Think without the box", this phrase make sense (but prolly the guy behind this phrase do not at all). Some ppl can see things in front of them, and from what they can see they choose. They never realised if they turn around and look they will find something else much more interesting. They dun bother to accept what they see beside them, they just continue to look forward. Forward to them, da bess, they dunno sometimes a wolf is just luring them, standing right in front.

Some ppl dun bother to find out what exactly they are using. Ppl dunno what lies inside their iPhone, what lies in their computer, what lies in their amp. Im not toking about thorough technical details, but just enuff to explain briefly how things work. Ppl blindly follow, ppl say good means good. They dun bother to actually search the net or open things up to see the ugly truth inside.

Whats so nice about audio, when u dun learn anything? I got money, i buy the bess, fullstop. Nice meh? Thats why i bother to learn the electronics and get my hands to build my stuff. I learn much more. I know what im listening to, and not being ripped off. Im proud of my own product.

I see these noob fools daily.

Another kinda noob: Ego. I no need to mention name, u prolly know who i want to refer to liao. This ego person twist words and logic to make his setup seem big. If its lousy he say until super good. If its really super good, he say until its god-like. No matter what u using, his is the bess, and he wants the final say. Egoistic. Disgusting. Must win, cannot lose. He is the king. So let him be, heard of emperor's new clothes? Otherwise, just wack him to wake up his idea. Fucker.

Thats what i feel about noobs. U dun have to agree with me.

New Hoot - Casio Labeler

Image Hosted by ImageShack.us

Crazy over labeling. My cable also label, everything in my room also label. Yeah.

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