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Monday, October 13, 2008
Bad Dream
[ZOMBiE CyGiG] ranted at 10:35 AM --- Post#3560426972683879740

I was inside a classroom. Its unusually quiet. I cant remember which classroom was it, some parts of the classroom looked familiar to me. I was wearing grey top blue bottom..am i wearing AJ uniform? Why am i doing here? Sitting beside me is this classmate who used to sit in my physics class.

Suddenly i remembered, im a disrupted soldier or some sort in army. Meaning to say i served army halfway and then join back to school.

I ransacked through my familiar blue Shayer bag, i found my clear slotting file. Inside its dirty and dusty, the ends of the file seemed be tattered from wear and tear, the clear surface are stained with mud and a layer of unknown stick substance. All the usual worksheets...tutorials...lectures are inside. Some are A4 size that matched the file. Others are cut outs. Some are newspaper pieces.

The lesson went on and on, but no matter how i dun seem to catch what the lecturer said. Suddenly i feel that everyone is forcing on me. Everybody is jeering at me. Everyone seemed to cast me at one side. I can feel the depression and fear i once felt, the feeling when everyone treats u like a plague carrying rat. Strangely, these negative sensation were gone once i entered army. That may be the cause of me saying i would rather go army than repeat my studies again.

Im very confused. I see lots of tutorials in front of me. I see GP, i see math. No matter how i try i just cannot complete. I switched to doing other work, but the results were similar. Everyone else was like shaking their leg and resting in silence, all seemed to had completed their work long ago. Finally i decided to gave up and shuff everything into my folder.

A bell rang and everyone walked out of the classroom like cold corpse. They went out of school to a junction and crossed the traffic light. Is school over? Why is everyone leaving? I cannnot remember the time table anymore, i opened my bag and searched my folder for my time table. Its no where to be found. I took out lots of sheets of paper, which seems to be fragmented pieces of the time table. Its not that they were torn pieces from the time table, but rather, on each page, only certain time slots were printed and imcomplete. Come how the time table liddat? The text on the papers started becoming blurry..as if they purposely did not want me to know the the schedule. What happened?

After some time, a skinny guy whom i knew in school came to me and grabbed me on my throat. He used to me some martial art expert, but why is he doing this to me? I saw my bag on the ground and wanted to reach for it when he pulled me away and locked my neck with this elbow.

"Try to throw me off!"

I struggled, attempting to loosen his grip and pushed him aside, but the resistance was futile.


I remb i was going to faint when another friend of mine in AJ showed me. He was one of the better-to-to-with guys. "What are u doign here?" He asked. I turned back to point at my attacker and realised he vanished. I was, again, standing next to my Shayer bag.

I told him im looking for my time table and ask he he could lend me his. He laughed and asked why dint i went to take my lunch. I told him i intend to take my lunch at a nearby hawker center once i found my time table. "But class is starting soon you know?" He replied. I thought class ended? But i dun want to go back to the class again! I picked my bag and dashed into the junction...

I woke up. I scanned around. Im in my room. Was i dreaming? Eh wait, even if i distrupt i dun go back to JC again. I completed JC liao and not going to retake my A's. Ya, i took leave today from army. Its a monday morning where im suppose to have lunch w my mom. Suddenly all the bad memories from school flashed back into my head like data recovery. I shook off the ideas and got off my bed to my PC..and jotted down everything in this blog of mine before i forget my dream.

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