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Thursday, October 02, 2008
Semtemper Stories
[ZOMBiE CyGiG] ranted at 2:41 AM --- Post#5648345758120039430

Hello World (Ugly)

While the world remains ugly, I have been pretty busy. So instead of blogging little bit each time, i collate everything and make one long post. Newsletter? Haha maybe. From year 2005 till now, my blog had survived the not so smooth route that was steered by me. From the infamous AJC sex tok to recent incident of being asked to edit my entry cos someone was over sensitive to a non-identifiable subject, this blog had served me well. ZOMBiE Destinee is a communication tool, a companion as well as a workbook of life.

Army Life

Counting from the first day morning of Oct 1, how many more days till i have for ORD?

No. of Days in Oct >>>>>> +31
No. of Days in Nov >>>>>> +30
No. of Days in Dec* >>>>> +14

No. of Weekends in Oct >> -8
No. of Weekends in Nov >> -10
No. of Weekends in Dec* > -4

No. of days of leave >>>> -11
No. of days of off >>>>> -0.5
No. of public hols* >>>>> -3

Total no. of working days: 38.5

38.5 looks promising for me. Hmm yea ORD lor! hahaha. Seriously now im already in Super Slack mode. Not that i dun work..but im starting to hand over things to whoever is taking over my task. Well well..thats makes me more of a consultant liao. Me bastard sia..fucked up. But... ORD lor.. ORD personnel is liddat one..

*till Dec 14 when i ORD


Personally..Im starting to tune down my DIY work. Eventually Im 'retiring' when i ORD. Experiments and researches are endless. Even though practical is important, theory is as well. Im going to brush up on electronics theory, as least get the basic ones right first. Should get more targeted experimental materials rather than anyhow hantam everything. That will waste more money. I think Im not resourceful enough, I haven seen enuff and exposed to enuff stuff yet. Thats most prolly cos i dun have time. By the time i book out its already quite late. All shops closed liao.

I need to kick away my bad habit for being late also. Guess its not right to let my friends wait for me all the time.

And yea im going to lose weight! but after ORD hahaha. But i doubt it will be successful lor..hehe.

Ultimate Calling Machine

Image Hosted by ImageShack.us

This is what i found in SLS. Something which i always needed - a handsfree for my handphone. The good thing about this is that i can attach my own choice of earphone to it. It has a mic built in liao, so i can use my earphone on it. I can choose to use a more superior iem to obtain better isolation and SQ than the regular one that Nokia provides. instead of carrying two earphone around (one i use for my portable rig, another for handsfree), i just need one. I can detach my TriFi on my D2 and hook up to my Nokia if i need. I dun use handsfree often so swapping them should not be a chore.

I use handsfree mainly in MRT, where i need isolation from earbuds or iem to hear what the other party is speaking. Honestly, under the current situation, most of the conversation details are lost when one side is on a train.

Hmm..see the pic below..ultimate calling machine? Haha.. BTW my phone got no music player nor FM radio. Haha..Use ESW9 just to listen to call.

Image Hosted by ImageShack.us

100 Kind Of Life

Image Hosted by ImageShack.us

Running round cityhall area for this album! Sold out in quite a number of place. Nice album..do try it!

And i saw the below:

Image Hosted by ImageShack.us

It has got the Yes 933 sticker on the plastic film leh. And all the retail store seemed to be selling the same version. I got mine from MJ Multimedia. But why 'Promotion Only. Not For Sale'?

NDS Games Harvesting Season!

Lots of games in the month of August/September to keep me occupied for a while. Portable gaming seemed to my past time if im not doing my soldering work.

Image Hosted by ImageShack.us
Inspired by Phoenix Wright, Time Hollow is a story based game that is filled with rich 2D anime-like scenes and characters, depicting an incident of this boy where he get hold of the Hollow Pen, where he would be able to amend the past that had been screwed up by a shady character taking revenge.

Image Hosted by ImageShack.us
Lock's Quest is a game expanded and elaborated from Tower Defense. Now not only there is RPG element, more enemies who can destroy your towers, Lock can also obtain skills and magic that can fight alongside with the turrets from your towers. The storyline is straight forward with elements of surprise, as well as side games and missions to break the usual game pattern.

Image Hosted by ImageShack.us
Yet to really go into Sonic Chronicles, it seems to be an adventure story based version of the usual run-and-collect Sonic games. Lots of RPG and actions.

Image Hosted by ImageShack.us
Turn Base Strategy game. The story was well ported from the Jap version to English. Lots of missions, lots of stories, lots of moves and magics, lots of enemies... Filled with humorous and cute characters, its hard to give it a miss. Though i myself dun really like turn based games.

Image Hosted by ImageShack.us
Simple concept of unlocking and entering the Exit. N+ is an action cum puzzle game. All you need to do is to avoid all the bobby traps and get to the Exit. Sounds easy, but u will need to crack your brains on how to get past the evily designed levels.

Image Hosted by ImageShack.us
Similar to the PC version, but the DS version focus only on the Creature stage. Go round do quest, evolve, save friends. Interesting worlds to explore.

Image Hosted by ImageShack.us
Action game on DS. This time round your get to use light sabre moves on the touch screen, as well as your learnt powers like Push and Pull. Keep you occupied for some time, but i find the framerate drop a bit irritating.

My New Giant Fugu Friend!

An addition to my marine tank, a large 10cm long fugu. Not really tt big, but giant comparing to the boxfishes in my tank.

A Recent Event That Struck the SG Audio-sphere

Link 1
Link 2

Read the above two links. Someone seemed to have found a prove to my previous suspicion liao haha. Over that few days me and gang watched the forums with interest as the fighting and warring and bleeding went on. Haha more like a kayppo aunty poking into other's business and gossipping away. Whether or not its pure silver dun really matter cos my buddies are either not using it or had found a much better substitution.

It seems like quite a lot in the forums agreed with the TS it isnt pure silver. There are some points where they argue about the definition of 'pure'. I remembered reading one who said his own experiment dun tally, while a few others said they can easily reproduce the same result on their own. Some say the photo is faked. Some say wrong testing method. I cant remb all that i had read. But two very common response really irritated me.


1. It does not make a difference what material its using, as long as you like it.
No one is saying it sounds bad, TS dint mention that he dint like the sound or what. Saying that material dun make a diff as long as you like the sound is off-topic.

The point lies in if the shopkeeper claims that its pure silver and its actually not, its cheating and the TS is concerned about that. Its more of a moral issue.


2. You should verify your queries with the shopkeeper, he will know the answer.
Its the same as asking Steve Jobs if Mac is truly superior than Windows. He most probably tell you it is, and will promote Mac. Promotion of a product, more or less, will cover up its flaws and brings out its shines, and sometimes to the point of lying, misleading and cheating.

I was buying a PnS camera, when i asked the salesman if a particular model can take Full HD videos. He told me yes and point to the Full HD logo. But upon checking up the specs, it says it outputs photo at Full HD, and not taking video at Full HD. Promotion sometimes give wrong info due to the lack of knowledge of the promoter.

If we assume the shopkeeper in this case is also the promoter, and the promoter can
1. Lie, mislead, cheat, and give bias statements promote his product
2. Be misfed with or left out from information of the product

Can this promoter/shopkeeper still be a reliable source to verify your doubts? May or may not, cos point 1 and 2 in the previous para are subjective. Cross referencing from other sources as well as getting scientific facts and proves would be a much better idea.

And in this case the shown experiment seems to contradict what the promoter says. It has more value since physics cannot run away. Even if it does, it wun be as far as loose verbal claims, i guess. Since quite a number said the experiment was true when they repeated it on their own, the experiment shown by the TS can be trusted to a large extent.

Thus i think its a very very stupid move to ask the shopkeeper to verify the truth.


From what i read..all these are caused by fanboyism. May not be true, but thats what me and co all agreed. One even said he is damn scared of what the future of Singapore will be. Educated students being blinded and mislead so easily.

Fanboyism is like a religion. More like a cult? The key personnel brings interest into a particular area, then the fanboys follow in and the population increase like siao. Then sooner or later the fanboys totally become loyal to the key personnel. They believe in all his words and continue venture into this contained interest area.

They never realized that there are more when u look out of this contained area, and never realized this contained area is controlled and altered. In this contained area, outside or non-favorable information will be filtered.

The fanboys are unable to think by themselves and most of the time rely on a particular set direction. They just move along while getting leeched by the key personnel off their money and sanity.

The key personnel is god and they pray to him. The controlled interest area is the religion itself. The fanboys are the follower. This is the foundation of a cult. This is happening to JC and poly students in SG, who will be the main workforce. Good luck to the future of SG man..good luck..

NEW: CopperMAX Revenge revamped

Image Hosted by ImageShack.us

Due to complains about the mid bass of the Revenge, i quad braided the Revenge, and this is the second version.

Image Hosted by ImageShack.us

The above Canare F12 Special Edition of the CM Revenge is current just for myself only :)

On Trial: Portable Speakers

Image Hosted by ImageShack.us

Trying to power some speakers from mini3. Dun have much positive results, just a working prototype with mediocre sound quality. Will be looking into making a housing and experimenting with different drivers.

On Trial: Powerful Portable Fan

Image Hosted by ImageShack.us

Another bo liao project, which works. The traditional portable fan irritates me - not windy enuff. Thus i hook up a 2.35W PC cooling fan to 6V of batteries to give me the rush of air when im sweating in camp. It works well. Looking into a better casing and improved portability.

Thumbscrew for mini3

Image Hosted by ImageShack.us

Ok i think its not really a thumbscrew, its an allen socket head cap screw with knurled side. But it does its job well - to tighten and remove with fingers; when tighten, its enuff to hold the face plates securely to the casing.

And i dun see the use of tightening all four sides on the back face plate, i think two is enough. New mini3s will come with them, either four of them, or two of them with the other two holes sealed or other options, that i will decide later.

For those interested to get them, contact me. They aint dirt cheap so prolly you got to pay a bit.

Gadget Wish List 2008

In no order of sequence:
1. Ultimate Ears UE 11
2. Fujitsu U2010
3. New PC rig of my choice of hw
4. Cowon S9
5. Monitoring Speakers (Yamaha HS80M?)
6. Lens for D80 (yet to make decision)

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