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Sunday, November 09, 2008
World of ZOMBiE
[ZOMBiE CyGiG] ranted at 6:19 PM --- Post#6469356957630561686

What About Me?
Hi my name is ZOMBiE, i think you knew that long ago. It seems that the name ZOMBiE CYGiG is already stuck in me. Outside my name is wat my parents gave me, ppl call me by that. But online or in my own world, Im known as ZOMBiE CYGiG. Some ppl who, i would actually say, grew up with me online, ported the name 'zombie' to the real world. Sometimes i appreciate that.

Im a geek. I dunno how they define 'geek' in USA or other country or other communities. From what i know, a geek is basically someone obsessed with technology, more often than not, someone odd.

From wiki:
The word geek is a slang term, noting individuals as "a peculiar or otherwise odd person, especially one who is perceived to be overly obsessed with one or more things including those of intellectuality, electronics, gaming, etc."

So what am i obsessed with? Im obsessed with technology, specifically audio, hardware, programming and communications (WWW, IM, Forums etc etc). Other than that im obsessed with technological arts, like digital imaging and digital designs. Small gadgets often amuse me too.

Im also obsessed with how things work and how i can change things. How the education system works, and where are the lopp holes for me to dig etc etc.

I am a geek.

My Own World
I live in my own world. Prolly each geek does that too. I can sit there and imagine and thing and go thru things that i want to do, go thru circuits in my brain, trying to figure out problems to my programming, trying to squeeze some ideas out for my design.

No much ppl around me totally understand how i view things, cos i often view an incident in an awkward way. When ppl talk about music, they talk about how cute tt Jay Chou is, and how chio that Jolin used to be. Whats the lyrics about and how they like the melody. But for me, i will be wondering why he chose that instrument in his song, what exactly is he trying to tell us in that song. I will visualize the artiste inside the recording room, singing and recording. What mixer are they using? What mic are they using? How exactly they mix the tracks? How long the process takes? How isit like to print it into CDs? How much profit are they making? Are there any loopholes in the system or smthing wrong with the song? Are they any dark secrets that happend during the production process that i dunno?

When i get a product, i have the urge to review it. Be it got anyone read or not, I just wanna review it and give it my 2cents. Its like filing a data sheet in my head so that its useful for comparison later on.

When i buy a gadget, i will give it 100% full tots on which to buy, what exactly i need and how am i going to find the cheapest price around. It often ended up in obscure products and brands that no one knows about, and ppl who dunno will wonder if my gadgets are cheapos from China.

Some ppl ask me "why u need such a good player and earphone? Got sound can le ma!" I also dunno. Prolly that is what make a me a geek. I tend to be as clear and precise as i can be, though most of the time im not professional at that at all. When i see a product i click on Tech Specs and see if the specs are what i wanted. No need for the long winded advertisements and Photoshopped Gallery. And most of the time i try not to judge things by the look.

The Geeky Phenomenon
I find this geeky phenomenon crawling into my normal life, the so call 'Real World', the the world that is not ZOMBiE's World.

I got into a dilemma whether to eat Laksa or Chicken rice. For the moment i tot im picking two gadgets. Something liddat came to my head:

- High Satisfying factor
- 3.5 weeks since last ate
- Low amount
- Not value for money
- Customer Service Poor

Chicken Rice:
- Mid Satisfying factor
- 5.5 days since last ate
- Mid amound
- Rather value for money
- Customer Service Good

Sounds like a Tech Spec of two machine? Hahaha. I find that customer service is not important since im dealing with them for a short while only. The Satisfaction level and Since-Last-Ate Level are tilted towards laksa. I Just had pay day so money is not a problem. But how do i solve the problem of low amount? Im not gg to get full eating one bowl of laksa? Upsize? Base on my mom's and her gossipy friend's review they say the +$1 upsize is not worth the money.

So in the end, i ordered a regular bowl of laksa and top it up with a +$1 Chicken Wing from the Western Food Store. That should do it. If im hungry later on i can always cook Instant Mee.

I find myself doing these kinds comparison whole day in my normal life. I can spend my whole shitting session thinking about the best transport route to take to goto some event next week. I can fret over how i should spend my weekends. I can worry over what stationeries to buy...

And after i eat that laksa, i will do a mini review in my head. How is the standard? Has is dropped or become better? How is the cook? isit the same person or not? If possible i will snap a photo or two, and if i have time i post on my blog.

And Hey! This speaker at the side of the coffee shop seems interesting....hmm...

How Has NS Changed Me?
Good question. I dunno myself. Prolly better management skills? Maybe better communication skills and exposure to diff kind of ppl? I will not stay on this topic longer..

A Covered Face
So when you see me at my workplace or somewhere else. I am not me. Im just putting up a covered face to look normal. Sometimes i will try to be normal, so normal tt ppl can understand me. So normal that sometimes i dunno who i am. Am i normal?

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