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Friday, February 27, 2009
My boss attempt to make me to work free overtime..
[ZOMBiE CyGiG] ranted at 12:15 AM --- Post#1572122813503382999

[Link to forum]

My Job: Im a full time retailer at a certain shopping center kiosk from a certain company. I waiting for school, so only intend to work for a few months. I told my boss about it before, and he said its fine.

My Pay: $1200, 20% commission after $10,000 sales (personal sales, not combined with other retailers). Im setting novelty items ranging from $10 - $25. 6 days work week.

My Schedule: The original schedule is that i will work afternoon shift from monday to friday and sunday. Part Timer A will work morning shift monday to wednesday. Part Timer B will work morning shift Thursday to Saturday. Part Timer C will work afternoon shift on sat and morning shift on sun. In this way, all 14 shifts in a week are filled.

Now Part Timer C is resigning. He find the pay too low as he get the same pay per day as those working on the weekdays. During both sat and sun, he is to work 10 hours, while those on weekdays work only 8 hours, for the same pay per day.

So now boss moves Part Timer A to work on saturday afternoon instead of monday morning. And i am to take full shifts alone during Sunday and Monday.

When i went for the job, he already finalised and set the working hours for me. I even have the email as well as a photo of the time table he drew. Thus i already allocated time in the morning to do my port folio to get into la selle and some self study. I also have appointment with my mentor in the mornings to guide me along.

He has no mention of pay increment for the overtime. Actually i dun want the extra cash, i want my morning to do all the stuff that i planned liao. From the sms, he dun seem to want to hire someone to replace Part Timer C, rather intending to want me to work OT permenatly to cover up for that time slot. He even say that its not unreasonable, as its only like one hour or so.

But it means my already packed morning will have an hour less, and i will need to eat lunch outside, another expenditure as tt shopping center's food is very expensive. Its not just OT, but OT alone, meaning to say that the kiosk that is usually manned by two person will be manned by me alone. How am i going to go toilet? How about my meals?

I feel its very unfair to me, simply use me to replace a resigned staff with not much consideration for my shedule and feelings. Summore im only a temp staff for few months. The worst part is he broke his promise of telling me that no problems with taking afternoon shift, as well as the promised working hours.

I know its recession, but i feel that its not right for the company to do that to me. Sure, i can quit, but i dun feel like as the nature of the job suits me.
Probably, yes im a bit selfish to be ji jiao over that few hours in a week. But its that i had already planned things for myself and made appointments with ppl. I dun think those promises and shedule are any less important than that few hours of business. Though cannot be taken for granted, there is usually no business till afternoon.

Secondly, i dun want my boss to have the impression that "this person is an easy push over". I fear next time he will start pushing non-related jobs to me. Those are roughly what two of my managers advised me on before they quit, due to unhappiness.

Thirdly, the contract states that i am to work by the shedule drawn up by the company. At first we were already given a fixed shedule and plan, he told me my chosen afternoon shift will not be a problem. I dun think its fair and right to extend the working hours by force without compansation. Its not as if i have undone work or owe him smthing.

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