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Monday, March 30, 2009
Ending my Job
[ZOMBiE CyGiG] ranted at 8:12 PM --- Post#7454080286794520172

Today is the second last day of my work, i wonder how i will feel tml. Sad? Happy? Or maybe like ORD, which im suppose to feel fucking happy but end up having no feelings at all.

I would say i had learnt a lot from this two months of working experience, for this is my first full time commercial work i ever attempted. To be honest, i will not quit if not for my bosses or for the time needed to do my port polio.

The objectives of working in that company is actually not that i am interested in their products. Since day one i find their products rather lame. Sihui said it looks like some scam stuff. My objectives are:
1. Kill time
2. Get to interact w more ppl, like my colleague, as suggested by my counsellor to improve my self confidence
3. Find out how the products are actually made
4. Enhance on my Photoshop skills through daily on-the-fly services
5. Learn the basics of retailing and how the system of business thru retailing works.
6. Learn how to run a kiosk n cost needed
7. Compare working life VS army life VS jc life to conclude my prediction right that working life is much better than the latter two
8. Learn to speak up to strangers
9. Develop social skills like how to behave, what to dress up and how to speak in front of your colleague, boss or customer
10. To earn money

I would safely say i had met all 10 objectives and learnt lots of things. Things that i least in army dun go to waste too, i find the methods of chao keng remained unchanged over the days, the methods to deal w unreasonable bosses are the same too.

On top of the objectives, some interesting things that i learnt are:
1. Ang moh w degree != smart
2. Communication n EQ plays an important part in business
3. Bosses are mostly unreasonable n demanding
4. Not all product sells, not all business plan works
5. Product that sells in one place not necessary sells in another
6. Touting is a poor method of increasing sales, at least for my product at my sales area, different product, location and target audience require different method of sales
7. Sometimes the reason for low sales its as easy as because the product sucks
8. Singaporeans love window shopping, going to a mall just for the scenery or air con
9. When singaporeans buy things, they tend to want perfect quality even if the pricing is cheap enuff
10. Some of the singaporeans are damn rude when asking for directions
11. Most of the singaporeans dun really like to read sign boards, which contain clear instructions, and they rather ask ppl for directions
12. Not all travellers from the western country has perfect english, i met a lot which speaks very poor english
13. Some customers are just dumb, there were occasions where my colleagues gave a faulty product and yet the customer still say it look nice
14. Food takes up most of my earnings
15. The $440 pay army give is really peanuts, now im so used to spending a thousand dollars a month liao
16. Outside food > camp food > home food
17. Shopping center sometimes have the policy that you must open your shop or kiosk, even if u are making a loss or u had paid your rent, it is to upkeep the image of the shopping center
18. Being lonely n bored makes u feel giddy n faint
19. If there is no one in your kiosk to talk to, go talk to the sales person next kiosk
20. Never feel sad when u got bad sales, ask around for neighbouring kiosk n shop, u will never know if they are having equally bad or worst sales
21. The number of ppl in the mall follows a trend, when its before a seasonal period, eg valentine's or school holidays, there will be lots of ppl, then after the number of ppl will plunge like mad then will will gradually goes back to normal
22. Many ppl != got ppl buy your products
23. Always keep your eyes peeled, chio bu are all over the mall! That is one of the best rewards for the day - to look at chio bu
24. If your shop or kiosk is situated at a location where many ppl can see n access, most probably it also means that your boss can spot check on you easily, he can be hiding anywhere in the crowd from a wide range of angle to observe you
25. Bosses are scared of MOM
26. If your boss delay your pay for more than seven days from the stated pay day, you can resign immediately n he got to pay you for the stated notice period
27. Good computing skills are neede against bosses who dun allow u to go internet or play game on the PC, my boss removed the mobile internet modem, and then removed the wifi antenna, and yet i can still surf net n IM
28. Sushi are on discount after maybe 8pm, go grab them for cheap supper
29. Buy a small bottle of Dettol hand sanitiser, and use it to disinfected fuck dirty toilet blow seats before shitting in mall toilets
30. Cheap $1 syrup drink can be bought at Giant, otherwise, any drink that only need cold water to make can save u lots me money, some examples of such drinks are Pocari Sweat n Redoxan

To end it, i would like to thank my ops manger, my sales manager, three retailers Jo, YF and WJ, the graphic designer, the girl next kiosk MX, the waitresses cum flyer givers from Terra and those who came to visit me during my stay there. Oh ya, need to thank MOM n CPF board too lol!

This post is written on my nokia 5320, in the mall's toilet, where the flush system is faulty and keep flushing water onto my butt.
This post is then posted using HSDPA connection to Blogger. I agree with yan, HSDPA rocks!

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