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Thursday, March 05, 2009
Now my boss keep delaying my pay!
[ZOMBiE CyGiG] ranted at 12:13 AM --- Post#4732381484776259172

My boss called me twice this morning to tell me he is paying me today and to discuss about the schedule mentioned in the previous blog post. And he wants me to get down earlier today cos my colleague was sick.

I came down 30 minutes earlier, and ran the kiosk alone. I got to keep everything and lock it up even when i need to go for a just 5mins toilet break.

I waited and waited for him, but he never showed up. Officially, my work ends at 9.30pm, but i waited till 10+pm cos he promised to come down today to pay me and discuss about the work hours.

He never showed up. I rang and smsed him. No reply. I left for home despairingly. Upon reaching home, i received an sms from him saying he just finished work, and he dint bring his phone along.

Pointers to Note:
1. He was the one who told me he is coming down today, TWICE, and yet he failed to keep his promise.

2. After failing to come down, its basic courtesy that he gave me a sms or a call too inform me that our appointment will be cancelled. Dun tell me he cant find any communication devices anywhere, he dint bring his phone dun mean he cant borrow.

3. Its his fault that he dint bring his phone around. Instead, he used it as an excuse.

4. Contract says salaries are paid in arrears, meaning end of the month, and its 5th liao.

5. He has to wait till Sunday to pay us, cos he leaving for KL tml, a further delay. He could had asked a courier to give us our pay check. Neither his trip to KL nor our pay is last minute matter, he had lot a long grace period to plan.

6. He told me later on that we need to try keep the kiosk open on time (before my official work hour), despite knowing that we have our own commitment and schedule. Its like telling a blind to try to see colors despite knowing he cant see.

7. He expect me to cover up the duties of a guy who quitted, without any additional pay. Pay is not a problem, but i really need my time. Time table was drawn out explicitly when we signed the contract, and now he wants us to cover up extra duties.

8. He wants us to be flexible in work hours, yet i dun see flexibility in his pay and management. He tell me to be flexible once in a while, but i had to work solo and requested to come early 2 times weekly. I dun think that is call "once in a while".

9. He says we got to be flexible in work hours in consideration for poor sales. But I feel these two are separate issues.

10. When asked about replacement for the guy who quitted. He dint reply.

11. Previous operation and sales managers quitted. No one here to replace them yet. Our supplies running low and we need logistic attention. Very poor management.

12. He want us to pro-actively approach customer, but ppl keep rejecting us. I myself do not like being pestered when shopping, and i do not wish to be the one pestering ppl. Our own experiment shows that customers are very likely to walk away once we stand up to approach them. Rather, they may come and discover our products if we just leave them alone.

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