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Thursday, March 26, 2009
[ZOMBiE CyGiG] ranted at 12:56 AM --- Post#693944175250243362

My employment is coming to an end. Actually i like this job a lot, but my boss screwed the whole thing up. Ya, prolly you may say "why not say its your own fault?". Probably, but i cant help it when almost ALL others in the company complain the same thing about Boss. There must be something wrong.

There are two possibilities:
1. I am fucked up, thats why everywhere everything everyone i go, do and meet is fucked up to me.
2. Im suay, i met with all the extremes everytime.

Im leaving it to your to judge me if its 1 or 2. I feel its 1, but logically it looks like 2.

There is this girl working on the opposite kiosk. We were bored and started chatting, and Short Hair came and start to ask her to buy our products, it sounded like as if "you should support us". I dun see other kiosk asking us to buy their products. The next day, Long Hair did a even more ridiculous thing, she handed her a business card and ask if she wants to join us. Oh gosh, what kind of recruitment technique is that? Might as well she go to all the shops and kiosks and ask the staffs inside if they want to join us. Then later, I forgot Long or Shirt Hair came and bombard her with questions like she work how long, how's business etc etc. Last minute market survey?

Imagine you handed in a resignation letter stating you are doing till end of the month. And one week before that your boss come and 'sack' you again. He tells you "no need to wait for end of the month, tml no need come le." Probably im sensative, but i would think he knew the two of them resigned/will resign cos they were unhappy about him, so to save some face, he would rather sack them, even though one of them already handed in the letter. Childish? Or would you call it a MAN and macho behavior to safeguard your pride?

Same like ORD, the last few days always felt damn long. I keep having a feeling Short Hair wants me dead, i feel that he is digging up some past stuff and try to put some blames on me out of the blue. I hate him spying me all the time, the girl next kiosk caught him standing far away and observing me several times. The location of the kiosk is such that it has exposure to lots of customer, which also means it will have less protection from me. With an open viewing angle of more than 180 degree, its hard for me to keep a look out of my boss as the area where boss can come and spy on me far exceed human viewing angle! Thats very bad, even me, the Chao Keng and Slack King got a hard time trying to slack without getting caught. Ever since my colleagues had resigned, i felt like im lone soldier fighting the final phase of the game alone. To a certain extend, i grew tired and sick of playing politics with them. In fact my heart is so dead that i dun even feel like arguing anymore, despite the fact that arguments and politics are some of my pastimes.

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