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Wednesday, March 11, 2009
Something i learnt
[ZOMBiE CyGiG] ranted at 11:33 PM --- Post#6132213594607961382

I learnt that

- Everyone has their beliefs and reason to do things, I cannot understand why ppl do certain things does not mean that his/her decision is wrong.

- I must phrase words nicely before i talk, else sometimes its better to just STFU.

- Its better to convert my negative perception of someone into a question asking him/her the reason for his/her actions so that I will understand why things are done liddat for him/her instead of sticking to my own perception. In the case where i am not able to justify or understand after given him/her chance to explain, i will put that case on hold and will not make decision based on that case since its considered "unsolved". Then i will attempt to understand it on a later part.

- Something that seem easy (be it decision, choices, skills & abilities) to me may not be for others. I must understand that from a 3rd party POV, i may be missing out lots of details like his/her feelings, obligations, past related events, influences etc etc that will ultimately affect his/her decision, actions, skills & abilities and path of life.

- I must learn to listen to others. A good way will be:
Ppl talk > I Listen > think > query > think > conclude > remember case as a reference.

and not

Ppl talk > I interrupt > I object > ppl try to explain > I interrrupt > I insist

- After ranting and blaming ppl, i must look at myself if im in a wrong too. That will make me understand the situation more and sound more believable rather than trolling.

- When making my opinions, i must clearly states that its only my opinion, others may feel different.

- I should be less calculative, no one is perfect, and i cannot expect everyone in my life to be someone who i can accept.

- I will learn how to enforce and empathize rules and responsibilities without offending ppl.

- I should stop making politics. Unless i can win something out of it, politics are more or less pointless.

- I should give chance to ppl. And not tekan them on purpose.

- Always strive for peace, not war; i should be less revengeful.

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