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Monday, April 06, 2009
How To Read A Book
[ZOMBiE CyGiG] ranted at 3:12 PM --- Post#387392184184355285


As I walked towards the factory-like building, a bus-stop came into view. It had a ceramic roof and pillars that are filled with cracks and peels, the originally polished seats are blurred by a thousand butts sitting on it on a daily basis. This a transport station between jail and freedom. But i dint had the chance to ever use that bus stop.

I turned in left, I felt as in my legs had shifted to a high torque gear to compete with gravity as i travel up the little tar hill through the gate. My skin was releasing gallons of sweat to cool me off from the murderous afternoon sun.

The factory came to view, there were potted plants everywhere, but they dun look too happy as the weather isnt favorable to them. Ppl who were dressed like me - grey shirt and dark blue pants, were all streaming into the interior of the build to shield themselves from the heat.

Once inside, I saw the Koi pond. Just that this Koi pond fits a better description of an Algae pond, due to the lack of care from the management. I pity the fellows inside, I wonder how it looks like to have your surrounding filled with algae and as you swim, you breath in gillfuls all of them.

The Library came into view, outside placed a couple of rotting plastic tables and chairs in blue and yellow colour scheme, where several of the prisoners said and read their "prayers". The "Bibles" were thick, and they believed that through the mastery of their Bibles they could climb up the stairs of society towards happiness.

I went to my cell room. Its a shabby room with virtually everything falling apart, this room makes a good scene for filming Singapore in their 80's. I could barely sniff out a scene of technology, almost every PC there were old and rusty, maybe worms were eating up their motherboards.

A teacher, a woman in her 50's but looked older than what she was, came in. I hate her. To tell you frankly, I thought she was someone who once had a degree and now a teacher and she became a teacher because she got no other skills. Her deadliest enemy was technology, and we, the slaves, got to deal with it for her. She was said to live in an old house where there was barely any telecommunication other than the newspaper. Reading newspaper was her ONLY hobby, i guess.

The period end and I would made my way to a bigger cell room known as the "LT". Another third-world-country-look-a-like area with falling chairs, collapsing tables, peeling wallpapers, you name it.

Let me tell you a secret, I've got a special kind of potion with me. When i apply it, people will all stay away from me. Its evident in the LT, because no one will sit beside me at all times. Isn't my potion potent?


Im clad in green, I would need to bash thru a series of concrete jungle to reach my base. You would never expect a military base situated in midst of a residential area. The guards would need to check my ID as i enter the base. Sweat dripped and drenched all their uniforms - I know how it feels like, as they guard the complex out of their will.

A long sheltered walk lied in front of me, as I made mt way to my appointed area, banners and structures by pass me. Most of them were lame, very lame. the management view i as an eoffort to create patriotism while most of the rest though they were propagandas.

As i reach a down hill, I would see many armored vehicle parked in an orderly manner. Each and all of those were my babies, I'm suppose to take care of them and maintain them and save them from the fate of being off road.

There was a shack beside the vehicle park, a modern small structure that was dirtied by mud and dust. As I opened the room, cool foul air consumed me. Sweat and mud could be smelt, but no one cares when it comes to enjoying the cold atmosphere.

The room was poorly lit, but it makes slacking more condusive. There was no allocated area for everyone, but we all knew our own area. I took out my "jump suit", a uniform that was meant to be protective, but so far I found it to be more obstructive than anything. I changed into it. I put my bag down, sat for a while before heading out to face the humid weather once again.

A man in his forties came out, tummy out, hands behind. His tummy looks like an enlarged watermelon embedded in his stomach, sometimes I wonder how it feels like to give it a punch and a squeeze. He was Boss #2 anyway. Sister came out follow him like his servant. Sister would be commenting on all the various flaws in his plans and schedule and Boss #2 would be nodding his bloated head while walking around the compound. No one liked the couple.


Heat rose from the gravel ground was I strolled away from my office. Many millitary vehicles were moving around trying to get into their desired location before being yelled at by their respective superiors.

A little cement bridge linked the upper ground that I was at to the lower. The scene was what you would see in the movies where Afghanistan militants would be preparing for war. Of course, i wasnt going for war, and i will never go for one. Instead i was heading towards the canteen.

The canteen looked rather absurd, like a stand alone saloon in the Wild Wild West, but that place was one of the most popular around that area. The creakly glass door was stained with paint that dripped in accidentally when they were refurbishing the canteen.

I pushed the door and went in, and was greeted by a stale cooling air. The aircon wasnt working properly, but at least there was cool air. An uncle at the age of 50's greeted me, and asked what I want. His face was scarred with wrinkles and freckles, but brought along a tinge of kindness as well. He was a friendly guy. I told him I wanted a mee with extra eggs. I paid up and sat on the stainless steel table and waited for my order.

Around me were other civil servants, gossiping about everything under the sun, from their superiors to how they fuck their girlfriends to big business plans for the future...


Yellow light shed on my face, as I sat on the super uncomfortable rotating chair. I spun around by kicking my leg on the edge of the kiosk to kill time. At times, i will stand up and paced myself around the kiosk.

DAMN THE KIOSK. I'm forced to lie to customers and sell fucked up products. The kiosk itself was in a shape of a rounded-edge triangle, which was not a bad design aesthetically, but how do you put things in a rounded kiosk? It can be done, but with lots of space wastage.

There were panels on the kiosk where you can extend them out and put ornaments on them, I kept them to the minimum so can I can close it ASAP when I need to go to the loo. Going to the toilet was just an excuse, I would be staying inside to read books or to blog using my HSDPA enabled phone.

This job was ultimately boring, I was doing for the money, and not the passion or loyalty for the company. The bosses were screwed up ppl with the wrong idea of the market, as well as having signs of employer abuse. I could not stand them anymore.

There were lots of people in the mall, but none bought my products. I would be sitting there and looking at pretty girls walking past, call me a pervert, but that was the only entertainment there. But to be honest, I saw more aunties and bimbos than chio bu.

People would be asking me about directions, depending on my mood, I would be telling them either the right way, the wrong way or "I dun know". It's also kind of fun to see the shocked face on the guy who asked how to go to the MRT. I told him, "This is level two, go down to level one, go straight, turn right, go to Lobby L, go to Basement two, and then go straight and turn right again" in a ultra rapid manner as if im rapping.


Flashbacks could be scary, I keep having flashbacks of past experiences nowadays. I'm sure several of the ppl reading will be at least familiar with one of the four scenes i was flashing back just now.

It looks like time flies very fast. Actually, time flies fast when we think back or flash back. The flies slow when you think about your future. Time flies fast when we are having fun, and slow when we are suffering.

Time sucks.


After I quitted my job, I found myself to be very lonely. I realized despite my underdeveloped socializing skills, I long to have someone to accompany me. I get bored too easily, I will need someone to talk to or play with at all times. Instant messaging is getting moldy by the day.

"Why you so despo?" Tomato asked. Im not despo for gf, im despo for a companion. My companion Can be a guy (of course girls are better la), can be a girl, can young, can be old. As long as that person can talk at my frequency, understands me and most importantly able to talk to me (vocally, though IM can be accepted) most of the time I wanted to, will be good.

Of course judging by these criteria, a gf would be the closest match. But I will never qualify to be someone else's bf, due to looks and intelligence and financial capability and character, and also I did say i vowed not to get married and have children.

Sure, I had learnt to be nice to ppl, but I never know what is call "like a girl". This is prolly because I believe in "Open-End" friendship (Is there such a term?). It means I can like anyone easily (but can hate easily too), and willing to share everything with anyone. I have no shame in telling ppl about my past, how fucked up I was in JC, how i chao keng in NS, that I had depression and went for counselling. Because I believe that, as friends, there should be minimal secrets. Also when it helps the other party understand me more. It's better to let ppl know all your past first, than later on letting them discover and give them a disgusted shock. In short, I can open up myself easily to my friend, in hope that they will gain my trust and tell me more about them too.

But, this level of "open-ness" seemed to be applicable for only best friends or couples. It is a reward for your gf to know more about your little secrets when u are attached to her, and somehow this is the part that contribute to the "special feeling" that couples have. Apparently this "open-ness" reward will come from me even if i dun know you well, thus also meaning a lack of the "special feeling" as it's no longer special when everyone knows you inside out.

That might be the cause why I dunno what is that "sepcial feeling" when I meet someone i like cos EVERYONE gives me that special feeling!

To end it off, being lonely is bad for me. Because it will cause me to
- 胡思乱想
- Get depress
- Super de-motivated
- Decreasing social skills

It's strange in this world that there is a line between "Friend" and "Girlfriend". That should be something explicit in between. As a typical Zombie, someday i will introduce and implement this in between relationship, give it a name, maybe "Hybrid-Girlfriend", and ppl may just follow this implementation!


Shaving is both a love and hate thing. I'm not sure for girls, how it feels like to shave leg, armpit and pubic hair, but for guys, shaving facial hair can be disastrous.

Prolly cos im thin-skinned (go ahead and luff), i keep getting lots of cuts when shaving. Some are minor skin tears that cant be seen, and later on cause infection, redness and itch. Very irritating one.

Its troublesome as I will need to bath before i shave, this is because warm water will expand your pores (I read somewhere la) and make shaving much smoother. I will need to put lots of shaving cream before I shave and lots of skin hydration aftershave balm after that.

Mind you, I'm not someone who give a damn about my look and will apply some 101 cream on my face, but all those are necessary so that i dun come out of the bathroom looking like a blooding victim from SAW movie series. Infection and irritating through shaving cuts isnt man or cool or fun.

Oh ya, and the "Love" side of shaving? No more stubby face after shaving. I dun like my face to feel stubby, it's unhygienic-feeling and dirty-looking. I think if girls can shave their armpit hairs (minimally) for guys to see, guys should shave their facial hairs as a form of respect thru looking clean.

As a technophile, the specs of my shaving gear matters a lot too. Here is my shaving rig:

Image Hosted by ImageShack.us
Product Name: Gillette Fusion Power Phantom
Description: Shaving Razor
Number of Blades: 5+1(trimmer)
Powered Vibration: Yes
Battery: AAA, User Replaceable

Image Hosted by ImageShack.us
Product Name: Gillette Fusion HydraGel Ultra Protection
Description: Shaving Gel
Colour of Gel: Green
Coolness Level: Low
Soften Beard Level: Mid-high

Image Hosted by ImageShack.us
Product Name: Gillette Fusion HydraSoothe (Soothes Skin)
Description: Aftershave Balm
Colour of Balm: White
Coolness Level: Low
Comfort Level: High


Image Hosted by ImageShack.us

Finally completed GTA IV, one of the best game i had ever played.

A typical scenario: You walk on the street, as you walk, you see diff people with different clothing on the street, some will gather to gossip, and you will hear different thing everytime.

You walk and you see a lady, you take out your knife and you stabbed her, she retaliated and punched you back, you take out a pistol and point at her temple, she would scream and run away, dropping a cup she was holding on the floor, you picked up the cup and throw at her head. She ran further away as you aim and shot her leg. She would trip and fall as you close in and shot her torso several times and see blood oozing out all over. She would beg you to spare her life. Ppl around would see your act and run away in fear. You see a car beside and u bashed up the glass and opened the door, hotwire the car and drive it. As the lady was picking herself up and staggering away, you ram the car into her, and then roll the car a few times over her and see a pool of blood beneth. You pick up her money and drive the car away.

You purposely drive the car on the opposite side of the traffic and ram into several of the other vehicles and cause a collinear crash on the road. Some of the drivers will come and scold you as u knock them over. You drive away and onto the pedestrian path and smash everyone under your wheels. You bang into lampposts and walls and eventually your engine catch fire, you jumped out of the car while speeding it towards a group of ppl cross the road. The car crashed into a side wall and exploded, sending the pedestrian blowing up and flying all over the place.

The internet cafe is just beside and you go in and log on to a pedophile webby. You get a 5 star Wanted Level immediately and as you run out of the internet cafe, u drop a grenade. As u exit the building, u see everyone behind you being blown up to pieces..And then u do a cheat to spawn a helicopter and fly away just as all the police arrive to the crime scene....

Image Hosted by ImageShack.us
[Click to See Full View]

Trans-sexual Skills

I may blog about this more. Im not taking about ah gua or transsexual ppl. But more of skills that the opposite sex have.

I find that girls possess some very useful skills that guys dun have. Things like being more sensitive to other's, being able to comfort others, being very detailed and careful when doing things, being neat and tidy, being expressive, able to appreciate things better etc are very useful life skills, which i will try to learn.

Guys have their strong points too like: Being able to take critical/strong/abusive words/actions/scene, able to imagine and visualize things better, having good body coordination leading to better skills in driving/soldering/gaming, being aggressive and use brute force when there is a need to etc.

Of course those are generalization, not all guys or gals will have those positive skills. And also, both genders have got weak points for themselves too. The idea is, maybe you can try learning skills from your opposite gender friends and it might help you from becoming a typical guy/girl who is a loser cos u are a guy/girl.

I know I know, you must be thinking about sex rite? Hahah, fucking skills ah...hmm I will leave it to you ba.

How To Read A Book

[Click For Full View]

How can u learn how to read a book from a book when u dunno how to read from a book? Hahahaha!

Its like a webpage saying "How to browse the net". It dun really make sense, but maybe that webpage is super easy to use and navigate and it teaches much more complex web browsing techniques.

Anyway, that book is actually teaching you high end intelligent reading methods and tips la. Have fun guessing who is that guy and where is this place in the pic. Lol.

The White Tiger

Image Hosted by ImageShack.us

Completed The White Tiger. Its a nice book with setting in India on how this entrepreneur make his way from a servant to a wealthy businessman. Though the method he used are quite impractical and unreasonable, it is still a good read. I bought it from PageOne in Vivo City. Now i love Page One more than Kino liao! Much more selection of good books.

Now I'm reading...

Image Hosted by ImageShack.us

Left 4 Dead

Image Hosted by ImageShack.us

L4D is damn fun on multilayer. Had lots of fun playing w WK and his sis. I love being the Boomer! Muahahaha. Stop that fucking DOTA game and go do some serious gaming please!

Image Hosted by ImageShack.us


My PC is living up to my standard so far, tip top performance for my usage. My MX3200 KB and mouse and Barracuda mouse pads are performing as well. No lags or jerky moments. Very comfortable indeed.

Starbucks Coffee

Im learning to blend my coffee so that it will taste as good as Starbuck's. $6.80 for a Venti is too exp for me le! I got a freaking Espresso machine at home and i wanna make magic out of it. I use this to help me:

Image Hosted by ImageShack.us

I used hot/cold Mocha whenever i practice. This image guide works only for hot drinks. I like cold coffee more, so i gonna experiment myself lor. The taste is somewhere there, but the proportion seems to be out. Also i got a problem with the sweetener, using sugar makes the coffee taste like sugar cane sia.

3D Buddha Illusion

Saw at Vivo City selling for $270.

The Business

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