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Wednesday, July 29, 2009
School "Kope" Student's Prize
[ZOMBiE CyGiG] ranted at 7:38 PM --- Post#7519274785453095366

My sister's class was forced to take part in an anti-drug essay competition writing for her secondary school (Cedar Girl's), so under the control of her teacher, she got no choice but to conform, though I believe that it's really ridiculous for teachers to force students to take part in an essay writing competition, it simply shows that the teachers are probably skiving on the part on lesson preparation and used some other means entirely as the lesson itself. I cant comment much since I wasnt there.

Then later, all the entries were actually sent in and my sister's was selected. Note that the organiser of this essay competition is not her school itself. She, along with all other selected winner were called together. The teacher, a lady, in charge did not even bother to tell them what place they had got or what prizes they had won, and instead started to ask if they mind donating the money to school, and aggressively persuaded the students to do so by pressurizing the fact that they should show gratitude to the school, about the postage pricing and other crap. It was very obvious that the teacher wanted to coerce the student into saying "No" for the question. And how exp could postage of a few cheques be?

I was angry at a my sister, at which why did she just follow suit according to the teacher. Then later, she explained that there were several cases of students getting picked for various stupid causes (parents complain, generalisation of student, bothering teacher too much).

I wanted to dismiss my sis's explanation, but thinking back, I did experienced same situation as my sis before. During primary school, some teachers got jealous cos the class like the new NIE Trainee teacher more than her. Using threat to forcefully get an answer favourable to the teacher was a technique widely used. Some of them have really bad attitude. While in JC, favouritism was very obvious and prevalent. VP picked on and spied on students who blog about the school. In the end, I could understand why would that group of lower sec students "agreed" to the "suggestions" by the teacher.

Side tracking abit, I was having lunch near my primary school (Maha Bodhi), when I saw one of the discipline mistress then, and now still, sitting at a corner of the coffee shop. I was wondering why was she sitting at such poor location as it was at the end of the coffee shop. Upon walking nearer, I saw her puffing away with some other aunties. I stopped and took another look to make sure I dint see the wrong person. She was indeed that discipline mistress and she wore that shades, which instead of hiding her appearance, made me recognise her instantly. That is because, she always wear that shade when she buy 4D near our school. She looked anxious when she saw me looking at her smoking, wanted to look away and hide her face.

Sure, she was sitting in Smoking Area, she had all the right to smoke (and buy 4D). Ironically, she was also the one who punished those who smoke and gambled in school, and I remember that alot of them were probably "filtered" out as not to tarnish the school's reputation by expulsion. Its an offence to smoke and gamble in school and at that age, but we all know in SG, if u get expelled from school, your future will not be so bright liao... So much for a school role model.

When ppl asked, "what happend to students nowadays"..probably, they had forgotten "What happened to teachers nowadays".

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Saturday, July 25, 2009
Laksa is humful
[ZOMBiE CyGiG] ranted at 1:45 AM --- Post#4494007313089635981

What a humful laksa me and KTK has last week...

Are you...hungwee?

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Thursday, July 23, 2009
Should Not Be Cooking Instant Noodle For Supper Only Occasionally
[ZOMBiE CyGiG] ranted at 2:24 AM --- Post#4735385871696092941

Instant noodle for supper are never "occasional", they are mandatory.

This is what a call a decent supper:
- Nong Shim Spicy Shrooms Instant Noodle, 120g x 01
- Prawns (Boiled heads and tails along with water for extra taste) x 03
- Hotdog x 01
- Crab Sticks x 02
- Pork Ball x 03
- Egg, large x 01
- Home Grown Mini Chilli (Boiled along with water for extra spiciness) x 04

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Wednesday, July 22, 2009
[ZOMBiE CyGiG] ranted at 2:33 AM --- Post#6971575617472448069

They keep saying DVD red lasers can pop ballon, cut paper, burn match...I dun quite believe... at least not in my DIY laser pointer. So I took the time to try the experiment out today. Focal point and stability is very crucial. Click "HQ" on the Youtube players to view in higher quality.

This is my DIY DVD laser, showcasing how this laser can burn thin paper. A black dot is drawn on the paper using Zebra permanent marker to exaggerate and aid the burning. I tried with some other markers s, but the paper simply gets etched (finely cut by the laser) instead of "exploding into flames" like this one.

This is my DIY DVD laser burning matchstick at a close distance almost instantly.

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Friday, July 17, 2009
[ZOMBiE CyGiG] ranted at 3:25 AM --- Post#9160070653360371418

Ran out of eggs...

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Project RedBeam
[ZOMBiE CyGiG] ranted at 2:01 AM --- Post#5707380720029420648

Project RedBeam is about creation of a higher power laser from home. Its now successful.

It is all about using DVD writer laser to make a powerful laser that is suppose to cut black paper, pop ballon, light match and some other burning stuff.

Basically, its split into 4 parts:
1. Sourcing for materials
2. Dissection of a DVD Writer to obtain diode
3. Using strip board to build a current limiter
4. Wiring and final assembly

I burnt 2 laser diode in the project. The first one by connecting it directly to 9V battery. The second by accidentally pushing the current on the limiter too high. A third diode was DOA. I went thru the back alley of Sim Lim Square and ask unkers from PC repair shop to sell me second hand DVD writer for cheap cheap price. This is the pile of disassembled DVD writers.

Salvaged some of the motors, shock absorber, metal rods and other stuff for future use.

This is how the final product looks like.

Safety switch.

Top View.

Laser fired.

This is how you hold it. Quite small, but bigger than conventional laser pointer.

Fire button.

[Click to see larger picture]

This is the internals. The stripboad is the current limiter. There is a pot to adjust how much current to pass through. I used 155mA. Typically, according to a Sony DVD laser diode data sheet. Typical is 2V 150mA, max is 3V 170mA.

Shining in my dark room.

Ignore that dumb pikachu, shining through my living room. Note the beam, the laser is just on the left of the camera.

Testing current: 152.6mA

Testing Voltage: 2.600V

Laser painting - heart. (Nicer than WK's)

"Fuck" Graffiti Style

My signature.



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Thursday, July 16, 2009
Birthday 2009
[ZOMBiE CyGiG] ranted at 4:02 PM --- Post#7721094886232934374

Birthday yet again, just more forgotten. Like usual, very boring, no celebration, no gathering, not much present, not much greetings. Thats usual. Im 21, and its not smthing to be proud of.

I was at home whole with my darling soldering iron, lovely digital multimeter, sexy heat shrink tube and of course my honey digital vernier callipers... That is how I spend my birthday.

Anyway, to make things fast:

My Swensens Ice Cream Cake; 600g

Onion ring ate at Buckaroo about a week ago, which is suppose to be my BD dinner. You can see real onion beneath the ring. They come in a pile like Hanoi tower.

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Tuesday, July 14, 2009
Wow...tml is my birthday
[ZOMBiE CyGiG] ranted at 9:00 PM --- Post#7660540701962100931

Tml is my birthday, while im still drifting in my digital dreamland...until...

SH:Yo..SH here. Happy Birthday in advance =)
SH:I am somewhere in Thailand...hence not able to wish you through any other means except an internet cafe!
SH:Take care and enjoy your birthday =)
SH:I am off...Time's up for me!

Its an sms, and from the number, it looks like its being sent from Singtel Internet SMS Chat website. Creative. Wow...Im really impressed and touched.

Though I wonder if its cheaper for him to sms me than to pay for the fee in that internet cafe. Or maybe he never bring any phone with him?

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Google Wheel
[ZOMBiE CyGiG] ranted at 3:26 AM --- Post#6099307271837422249

This is what happen when you google wheel my name...

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AGOX Adaptor
[ZOMBiE CyGiG] ranted at 2:55 AM --- Post#4504124013523162520

Call me mad, but I simply want my USB cables to be arranged in the way I wanted. There is this connector which is quite unknown to a lot of ppl, and I cant seem to even find a proper name for it online. Wikipedia says it is called "AGOX 8 pin", while some China distros say its "Ultra Mini 8-pin USB". I dunno which is right, especially when I see "Citation Needed" next to the "AGOX" name reference to the connector in Wiki.

But! Both my camcorder and Sanyo S6 camera use this connector. Sure Im supplied with a long USB cable with video and audio out (thats why got 8 pins so many), but I want it to be an adaptor instead, just like what I did to my micro USB connector.

Since not much info can be found online, i spent quite some time and effort poking fine wires into the AGOX connector with a DMM to find out which pin is which. If you are interested, this is the pin-out info:

Pin Connections for AGOX to USB, Mono Audio Out and Video Out
Pin 1 - USB Pin 1
Pin 2 - USB Pin 2
Pin 3 - USB Pin 4, Audio Ground,Video Ground
Pin 4 - USB Pin 3
Pin 5 - USB Pin 4, Audio Ground,Video Ground
Pin 6 - Audio Sig
Pin 7 - Video Sig
Pin 8 - USB Pin 4, Audio Ground,Video Ground

Corresponding Connecting Poles at the Back


Pin 1 - a
Pin 2 - e
Pin 3 - c
Pin 4 - g
Pin 5 - b
Pin 6 - f
Pin 7 - d
Pin 8 - h
N/C - i

Note that Pin 1 refers to the rightmost pin when viewed from in front (imagine u are the receptacle and this connector is coming into you) or the leftmost pin when viewing the back (where you will be seeing the connecting poles)

AGOX connector.

Inside got 8 pins.

Wired them up together.

Heat shrink tubed it.

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Sunday, July 12, 2009
Birthday Present!
[ZOMBiE CyGiG] ranted at 3:32 PM --- Post#8078455529211941566

From Me to TL:

[Click to see larger size picture]

This is the RA21 headphone amp. Its actually just a basic CMOY amp with delicated rail splitter and uses wall power. Came as kits from Hohodiy. Audio wires are silver plated copper ones.

The tough part is not assembling the PCB's, but actually taking everything together and forming the final product - selection of casing, wiring, hole drilling, cable management, sourcing for extra components, effort to redo some parts when gone wrong etc...

From TL to Me

I dun really know much about GUNDAM..apparently he told me that he air brushed the whole model himself. Its quite small, so I reckoned its not as easy as it looks.

"Ready for Battle!"

*All covers open up*

*Swings knife*


The back view.

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LED Bendy
[ZOMBiE CyGiG] ranted at 3:20 PM --- Post#5421170915416542038

Curious me thinking of how I can make use of LED to make interesting stuff. USB LED products got many many, but what I really needed is something self powered and portable and adjustable angles. So I went to SLT and picked up some parts and made a prototype of what I needed. Its still early, prolly, i got to think of a better way to case it and improve on its aesthetics before using it.

This is how it looks like. Please note its still in early prototype stage. Rather small in size.

Light on.

The LED prongs can bend one.

One use can be to hook it to the top of laptop and light up the KB in dark a room.

Same thing for wireless KB. Maybe can mount it temporarily on KBs using suction?

Another use is to aid in photography at nite, in your room where its dark. This photo is taken in a very dark room and using only the LED Bendy as light source.

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A.S. Gun
[ZOMBiE CyGiG] ranted at 2:55 PM --- Post#1687756544145067795

This is a prototype of A.S. Gun, aka Anti Sister Gun.

Overview of the A.S. Gun.

Imagine I point this at your eye...Wheeeee!

First persion view. Im proning.

Same pose, but now from side view.

Its main function? To deter irritating sister from entering your room. Girls are scared of sling shot look-a-like mechanism and this should drive them away quickly. For now, it delivers a wooden shot capable of bruising at new distance but not fatal. Unlike a sling shot, you can lock the projectile at the back of the gun, ready to be fired anytime: You may not have time to load the ammo when your crazy sister comes into your room. Do not use this on good sisters...only use on irritating ones.

Other function includes splattering lizards and roaches from far. As well as for target practise.

This is a cross design between a sling shot and a crossbow. Yes, I know it looks chui, and thats cos this is only idea exploration, a prototype. Its not so easy to develop a mechanical gun on home workbench.

Other possible improvements include having a sliding mechanism driven by a industrial spring or heavy duty rubber band, right now using home rubber band, which snaps often and cant store enough force. In that way, the sliding mechanism can be shaped to cater to the projectile of my choice. It should also have a stopper in front to absorb extra force and reduce impact on the mechanism itself. To fire, I should have an easier way to cock the weapon, whereas now i need to pull and adjust the rubberband while sliding the wooden projectile in place. Very slow and inconvenient. Projectile should comes from easily available material, like nails, screws, wooden dowels or hardened paper. Automatic firing could be achieved by using a high torque battery powered motor to cock the sliding mechanism. Multiple projectiles could be loaded in automatically by putting them on top serially and with the help of gravity, they would drop into the chamber when the previous one left.

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High Voltage Stun Prod
[ZOMBiE CyGiG] ranted at 2:20 PM --- Post#2239976580837642535

This is a DIY high voltage stun prod. Originally wanted to zap roaches with them..but ermmm...after several testing, they seem to have a very high resistance body...dun seem to have any effect on them. Whereas for lizards, they would twitch abit after being zapped...and..wun die leh. Then I tot my project failed, so i zapped myself. OOOO FUCK! Damn pain...I wonder why those crawlies got no feeling one...

Right now its main function is same as the A.S. Gun...to deter sister out of my room.

This is how it looks like. Red LED lights up on powering on.

The probes are detachable, they are just 2.5mm power plugs and jacks, its possible to custom make a probe to a shape and size that you like.

[Click to see a larger picture]

Dun you guys just like to see the innards of gadgets?

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Impossible Record
[ZOMBiE CyGiG] ranted at 2:19 PM --- Post#511359168168073577

This is a VERY backdated blog post. We went to watch about two weeks ago. Quite impressive as compared to the Da Mo Jie on Zhong Yi Da Ge Da. Some of the tricks can see thru easily, some are just mysterious.

Anyway, the thing is to do 15 grand illusion in five minutes. Very fast for performance, but well, its a world recording setting, not really a performance for audience, if you want to enjoy their performance then need buy tix and go see.

Honestly, some are quite "cheating" in a sense, their 15 illusions, some are actually part of a set. For example, making a person disappear and then appear count as two. Probably in magic terms, these two illusions are quite different in execution therefore count as different tricks. The last illusion was 3/4 completed, but I heard as long as the effect was done, even if the choreography isnt, its still considered.

Nite View of Clark Quay

The duo

Group Photo with them!

The Poster I received with their signature

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