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Sunday, July 12, 2009
A.S. Gun
[ZOMBiE CyGiG] ranted at 2:55 PM --- Post#1687756544145067795

This is a prototype of A.S. Gun, aka Anti Sister Gun.

Overview of the A.S. Gun.

Imagine I point this at your eye...Wheeeee!

First persion view. Im proning.

Same pose, but now from side view.

Its main function? To deter irritating sister from entering your room. Girls are scared of sling shot look-a-like mechanism and this should drive them away quickly. For now, it delivers a wooden shot capable of bruising at new distance but not fatal. Unlike a sling shot, you can lock the projectile at the back of the gun, ready to be fired anytime: You may not have time to load the ammo when your crazy sister comes into your room. Do not use this on good sisters...only use on irritating ones.

Other function includes splattering lizards and roaches from far. As well as for target practise.

This is a cross design between a sling shot and a crossbow. Yes, I know it looks chui, and thats cos this is only idea exploration, a prototype. Its not so easy to develop a mechanical gun on home workbench.

Other possible improvements include having a sliding mechanism driven by a industrial spring or heavy duty rubber band, right now using home rubber band, which snaps often and cant store enough force. In that way, the sliding mechanism can be shaped to cater to the projectile of my choice. It should also have a stopper in front to absorb extra force and reduce impact on the mechanism itself. To fire, I should have an easier way to cock the weapon, whereas now i need to pull and adjust the rubberband while sliding the wooden projectile in place. Very slow and inconvenient. Projectile should comes from easily available material, like nails, screws, wooden dowels or hardened paper. Automatic firing could be achieved by using a high torque battery powered motor to cock the sliding mechanism. Multiple projectiles could be loaded in automatically by putting them on top serially and with the help of gravity, they would drop into the chamber when the previous one left.

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