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Wednesday, July 29, 2009
School "Kope" Student's Prize
[ZOMBiE CyGiG] ranted at 7:38 PM --- Post#7519274785453095366

My sister's class was forced to take part in an anti-drug essay competition writing for her secondary school (Cedar Girl's), so under the control of her teacher, she got no choice but to conform, though I believe that it's really ridiculous for teachers to force students to take part in an essay writing competition, it simply shows that the teachers are probably skiving on the part on lesson preparation and used some other means entirely as the lesson itself. I cant comment much since I wasnt there.

Then later, all the entries were actually sent in and my sister's was selected. Note that the organiser of this essay competition is not her school itself. She, along with all other selected winner were called together. The teacher, a lady, in charge did not even bother to tell them what place they had got or what prizes they had won, and instead started to ask if they mind donating the money to school, and aggressively persuaded the students to do so by pressurizing the fact that they should show gratitude to the school, about the postage pricing and other crap. It was very obvious that the teacher wanted to coerce the student into saying "No" for the question. And how exp could postage of a few cheques be?

I was angry at a my sister, at which why did she just follow suit according to the teacher. Then later, she explained that there were several cases of students getting picked for various stupid causes (parents complain, generalisation of student, bothering teacher too much).

I wanted to dismiss my sis's explanation, but thinking back, I did experienced same situation as my sis before. During primary school, some teachers got jealous cos the class like the new NIE Trainee teacher more than her. Using threat to forcefully get an answer favourable to the teacher was a technique widely used. Some of them have really bad attitude. While in JC, favouritism was very obvious and prevalent. VP picked on and spied on students who blog about the school. In the end, I could understand why would that group of lower sec students "agreed" to the "suggestions" by the teacher.

Side tracking abit, I was having lunch near my primary school (Maha Bodhi), when I saw one of the discipline mistress then, and now still, sitting at a corner of the coffee shop. I was wondering why was she sitting at such poor location as it was at the end of the coffee shop. Upon walking nearer, I saw her puffing away with some other aunties. I stopped and took another look to make sure I dint see the wrong person. She was indeed that discipline mistress and she wore that shades, which instead of hiding her appearance, made me recognise her instantly. That is because, she always wear that shade when she buy 4D near our school. She looked anxious when she saw me looking at her smoking, wanted to look away and hide her face.

Sure, she was sitting in Smoking Area, she had all the right to smoke (and buy 4D). Ironically, she was also the one who punished those who smoke and gambled in school, and I remember that alot of them were probably "filtered" out as not to tarnish the school's reputation by expulsion. Its an offence to smoke and gamble in school and at that age, but we all know in SG, if u get expelled from school, your future will not be so bright liao... So much for a school role model.

When ppl asked, "what happend to students nowadays"..probably, they had forgotten "What happened to teachers nowadays".

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