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Saturday, August 15, 2009
DIY Beef Steak
[ZOMBiE CyGiG] ranted at 11:45 PM --- Post#7397287649906486261

"Steak for you sir?"

About medium done.

As a beef lover and life hacker, there is no way that I'm not going to DIY beef. Ok, so my dad got me a 250g Sirloin from Giant for my "experiment and research". Guess the cost? $2.60 only! Plus, this piece of meat was pre-marinated = save time && great for beginners. Sure, you can purchase a "blank" meat if you want to marinate yourself.

Rightfully, most of the beef steaks are charbroiled. "Broil" actually just means "grill" (IIRC its an American term), and "charbroiled" means use charcoal to grill la! Time is an important factor, and I have no BBQ pit or what sort at home. So I decided to grill it over a pot using my dear induction cooker. That was the best I could to grill the beef. The pot was much bigger than the beef, and thus it acted more like a pan.

It took about 5mins at 150 degrees before I decided to stop the grilling. Some parts are beginning to toughen due to overcooking, and later on I discovered that some are still quite red. But the whole beef is warmed up and no real blood could be seen flowing. I would say it was medium-rare to medium done. The taste would probably be "the usual steak", but that was good enough for $2.60. It could own any coffee-shop Western Food's bagua-thin beef steak selling for $5 or $6, but probably lag behind Jack's Place by a bit.

I could see nicer cutleries, a baked potato + spring onion + mayo + beacon sprinkles, onion ring side dish and my DIY Mocha together with the steak as a complete meal.

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