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Wednesday, August 12, 2009
[ZOMBiE CyGiG] ranted at 2:34 AM --- Post#6654376112383409101

Weird name, Weird school. LASALLE.

So, somehow I made it into LASALLE. I questioned myself - did I make a hasty choice? Before we dwell further into that question, probably you would be wondering why did I asked that question as it sounded rather ironic. Ironic because I liked creativity, always wanted to improve on my hand drawing skills, and graphic design was what I did freelance for the past few years.

Now, let me tell you why...I will try to be as transparent and truthful to myself as possible, but it's not easy as my ego would tend to show people how great my choice of school is.

The first shock that I had was the people and culture. Imagine stepping into school, and everyday is a fashion show. You see people with strikingly coloured hair roaming around, some had exaggerated piercings, fanciful clothings or daring tattoos. I am visually bombarded with clothings, make ups, hair styles, bags etc daily. Call me an unker, but I do not fare well with ppl with outlandish appearance. I do much better with uncles and aunties at the coffee shop or XMM in uniform. From my counselling session, I realised I had some sort of trauma with ppl of outlandish appearance as they tend to be the school/class bullies. Guess what, I'm the victim, not once, not twice, but all the time during my primary and part of secondary school. Sure they aint gg to wack me up in LASALLE, but the strong magnetic push was present and I do not mix well with them. Moreover, it made me feel kind of weird as I'm someone who do not give 0.002x10^3 hoots for my appearance, you see, when everyone is dressed up weirdly, and I dun look weird, I am the weird one. Sure, I could pass off saying that "I'm a big slaxxor and that's my way of self-expression", which is actually true - I'm too lazy to try to make myself horrible face and body look good.

The second factor is that I realised when a hobby turns into an academic subject, it would lose interest value. In fact, it had lost most of its interest value and "value-add" with freebies like "stress" and "not-enough-time-to-watch-anime". Now I understand why Lily said she likes teaching but hate her school days. I used to misunderstood her by saying that she brought unhappiness upon herself, but now, I truly understand what she meant. Using Photoshop + Illustrator to pwn and impress ppl, plus earn some money, is one thing, while learning all the sketches, drawing your face seven times, each with different silly effects (hairy, watery, distorted), figuring out the poor instructions by lecturers and lugging heavy sketchbook to school is another. School and hobby, in my case (not sure about others), coincided only by a small margin and differentiated negatively in a large portion. Good Game!

Thirdly, I always though I would stand advantage because I
1. served army (more skilled in management and admin).
2. had previous relevant work experiences.
3. am a A level cert holder.
4. am 21 (somehow ppl see being 21 as an important 'achievement').

And then...it turned out that:
1. No one gives a damn about army, those who never been through it yet (majority of the ppl) dunno how it's like.

2. Seems like ppl can thrash me in hand drawing even without previous work experiences. Those who have worked before came from reputable companies.

3. No one have any idea what is "A Level" like since majority comes from Sec School or ITE. When you were young, did you really get an idea what would JC or Poly life be about?

4. Ppl though I was kidding when I told them I'm 21. Ppl 16 = 21, I 21 = 16 || 60.

Those are the three main factors why I would question myself "did I make a hasty choice?". So so so..did I? Nope. If you look at it from the other way round, I entered LASALLE because:
- There wasn't any other better institute I could go.
- There might be some other courses for my A level score, but I'm sure it would end up being more boring than drawing your own face in seven styles.
- It is near my house and SLS/SLT area, would help in my hobbies.
- Cheap, relatively.
- Fulfil my mom's demand for me to get a degree or dip instead of letting me work full time.
- I just want a damned degree at the end of four years.

LASALLE was a choice among no other choice. Further more, I could not find any accurate info on the school culture and workings and syllabus, thus I was unable to review the school before committing. Call me careless...if you want to. So the three main factors I'm disturbed by were unknown prior to choosing the course and making the decision to admit to LASALLE. With all that, I conclude that I did not make any hasty decision when choosing LASALLE. If anything were go wrong, I myself will have to take up that responsibility.

Fucked-up stuff aside. There are some good points about the school which I loved.
- No long dumb stupid talks, all the admin and information distributed were short and sweet.
- Not much school rules. You can sleep in lecture, miss a tutorial, no one will care.
- No attire limitation. If ppl can dress as fancifully as they want to, the opposite is the same - you can dress as casually as you want to. Good for slackers like me.
- No overdrafted lessons. Lessons always end BEFORE time, and there is no drag or teaching chionging to book slots for make up...
- Professional teaching. Unlike AJC teachers, teachers in LASALLE are all nice peepz who really know what they are doing and teaching. They will help you out and explain stuff until you understand. The lectures were not boring at all, and the tutorial classes are very interactive, much like attending a discussion session. Technology were constantly applied in lessons, all the teachers are good in IT and can set up presentation without begging student to help. Latest news were used as examples in lectures instead of old stale happenings.
- Good time table
- Good supporting stuff. Fast in admin processing and requests.

So...how? How how? I also dunno how. As this is probably my only choice left..I think I will try my best and see how it goes. Hopefully, with luck, things will not be as complicated as I thought it would be. Do not forget one of my favourite doing - bypassing and hacking real life systems :)

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