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Tuesday, August 11, 2009
Unfinished Fats
[ZOMBiE CyGiG] ranted at 9:30 PM --- Post#2572275319519943835

This is a pork trotter.
Photo from Flickr user, topquark22.

I was at a hawker center last nite, and my dinner was the "O-so-damn-juicy" pork trotter with gravy rice. The thing about pork trotter is that the most delicious part lies in the fats, ligaments, tendons etc whatever that's gooey and slimy. Oh ya, I forgot that pork skin is shiok too!

After I finished my dinner, I was leaving the hawker center when I saw this plate of unwanted and half finished pork trotter left on the table beside me. the skins was peeled open and all the meat was gone, leaving a lump of fats/ligaments/tendons sitting depressingly on the plate.

I asked my sis to come over to look at it, and she was listening to music on her IEM, and so I tot I should speak louder, "Ooi! Come see this. WAH LAO! Waste food lor! Never eat all the fats and the skins...those are the most precious parts of a pork trotter lor!"

My sis widen her eyes and pushed me away, as she signal me to look behind. Behind me was a table of around 6 or 7 people, probably a family, staring at me as if I'm some criminal. Immediately I understood - they were the one who ate that plate of pork trotter and left it next table after they were done with it to make space for more food on their table.

A pang of guilt embraced me and I thought a tinge of pink was shown on my cheeks in embarrassment. OH NOs.......

*Smiled and took off at full speed*

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