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Saturday, September 26, 2009
Bye Bye Power Rangers
[ZOMBiE CyGiG] ranted at 12:42 AM --- Post#7323658403357490498

My display cabinet with Power Rangers.

These got to go, selling them to a collector for $85.

White Ranger.

Dino Megazord Tank Mode.

Dino Megazord Battle Mode.

Mega Tigerzord.

Red Dragon Thunderzord.

Sold part of my Power Rangers collection to a collector for $85. What is sold is shown above. Bye bye to them! They were my "friends" when I was young, when you grow up without human friends, you began to personify toys and objects around you... Probably that started my interest in gadgets. Somehow I was abit reluctant to let go, but they are practically useless and takes up quite a lot of space. Probably a collector could do more to them.

$85 altogehter for those sounds cheap, but I can justify. During those days, those toys were abused like fuck by me. I remember I used to have 雷神王 bots, and when I threw tantrum I will smash them onto the floor, and I remembered they ended up in the bins due to severe fracture and breakage. But Power Rangers could resist much more abuse by me without a total break down. By now, most of the bots have scratches and peeled stickers. My sis used to bite those accessories like swords and staffs and now they are filled with chew marks. Some small figurines and objects tt came with the set were gone too. Thus I self-justify the steep decrease in its price (not value).

If its in mint condition or at least 8/10 (now is about 6/10),I would have sold one set for $60 lor.

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