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Wednesday, September 23, 2009
Make Up
[ZOMBiE CyGiG] ranted at 6:48 PM --- Post#8860866810876615656

Just now, I was browsing through some Facebook photos when I came across this girl, whom I always commented on her make up. She used to look all right - average college girl, but after she went to University, she started all her "face painting lessons" and made an "artwork" out of her face. Wheee...I will always see saturated electric triadic colours - blue, yellow, red all over her face, machiam like colour mixing palette for glossy car paint. Its not just my view, some my my female friends agreed to my judgement as well.

I'm not sure about other guys, but I never like girls that make up, esp if she cannot do a good job. When I see a woman with make up, I will tend to play "Spot The Flaws" and try to see your pimples and freckles and dark circle underneath. Natural skin FTW, even if you aint pretty, I will appreciate you for being yourself naturally.

There is this statement I always used to describe girls that cannot make up properly, "Using Lipstick as Mascara", which I feel is not far away from reality. The truth is, if you have a face with all parts fighting for attention by using strong and heavy colourings insensitively, then you are going to look like some shit.

Generally, what I feel is:
If you are an ugly girl, and you dun make up, you look ugly.
If you are an ugly girl, and you have poor make up, you look fugly.
If you are an ugly girl and you have good make up, you may look chio, but once someone sees your true colour, that scene of your un-make-up face will stay forever.

If you are a chio bu, and you dun make up, you look chio.
If you are a chio bu, and you have poor make up, you look like a disgusting piece of bimbo.
If you are a chio bu and you have good make up, you look heavenly.

So, if you cant make up well, dun make up. Simple. You wun lose out more.

Going back to the photo of the girl whom I saw on FB, on certain photo, I could barely recognise her. Not that her made up had became worse, but the reverse is true. Her make up is much better now (though still far from perfect) and it has done its job to portray her as grown up woman instead of a woman-wannabe. Well, I guess some wannabes level up till professional levels at times. I can still see some awkwardness at certain angles, but its a definitely a great general improvement.

I always thought that mature girls are woman with confidence and pride, who dress up sensibly and appropriately, and not one that pours colour powder over her face, try to show assets that she dun really have, act high class with innocent and being fervently girlish.

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