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Sunday, September 06, 2009
School Life 1:5
[ZOMBiE CyGiG] ranted at 11:30 AM --- Post#4655703740005767880

Now for some serious shit. Something had went really wrong in my life.

LASALLE was much more xiong than I though. Dun get me wrong, by xiong, I do not mean throwing you 101 theories and formulae to remember of give you three GP essays a week, by xiong, I mean doing something that is easy to understand, but need ultra patience and lots of time to complete.

At first, I was told to draw my face in six different style. Still ok, but when done my lecturer told me that I need to be neat, the papers got the be clean, presentable etc. I was like "WTF? Why dint you tell me earlier?". I based my assumption on the same sketchbook they showed us, which is all dirty and untidy, and backed it up by what my design teacher used to tell me that if one work is dirty (with content and flow inside as well lah), it means he had put in effort in the exploration process. I know of ppl who redid the entire two weeks project in one day just to produce a neat copy, and ended up her grades remained the same.

Just as I tot that was worse, then I was given one week to do up a colour chart. Using RBY and black and white to create 103 different colour isnt fun at all. I did it for nearly 10 hours. And guess what, I was told that my colour is't accurate and needed amendment.

And just as I tot that was epic worst, I was just told to paint a whole fucking picture. We were told to trace it all out to a watercolor paper, and split the image into four parts to paint - Monochrome, Analogous, Complementary and Triadic colour scheme. Fact: I had never touch watercolour in my life before.

Oh btw, that is just one module. There are SIX more to deal with. WHEEEEE. For the last week, I slept only six hours for four days, each day arriving in school like an authentic zombie. Lol, I was always authentic.

Im not stressed, maybe a bit but the stress level can never beat those times in AJC. I'm just frustrated, at first when I joined LASALLE, I always though that my skills in NS and AJC could help me to a large extent, but I was partially wrong. My chao keng and excuse-scripting skills definitely helped me with some sticky situation and the Chao Slacker skills acquired in AJ helped me out in taking several short cuts (though laziness itself will use up lots of time to do a single thing even if short cut is applied). GP helped me in CCS and Grey Matters. Whereas Project Work helped me in presentation. Despite all say, art skills STILL MATTERS. Ppl with poor English and lower qualification can easily own me when it comes to drawing and painting, for my specialisation is in digital arts, I am a TOTAL noob when it comes to producing images by bare hands. But everyone can draw, it's just the matter of nice or not nice, I feel frustrated when I should be the one having advantage but end up becoming a total noob. But on the other hand, not everyone can do A levels math :) Thus the frustration and not stress.

Probably I should talk about something good. The time table is good, the people here are good, the lecturers are good, and the system is good. How good? I dun have time to really explain now, but here is a brief idea: you come to school, you study and you go home. No forced dumb commitments like CCA, extra lessons cos the inefficient AJ teachers cannot finish his syllabus, class bonding session, stupid school events like AJ Carnival, PE, helping lazy teachers etc. That is nearly exactly what I wanted. I come here to study, not to serve the school. Additional events should be left optional, and you dun make a big hoo haa if I decided to skip a lesson or two. You dun become a VP for so many years and make the whole school a totalitarian sector, sacrificing many students just for your career portfolio. Having aircon in all the classrooms is great, not like some JC which won the best energy saving award not until I was about to graduate, there were not even fans in the study area.

One thing worth mentioning in LASALLE is the teachers. You can call them "lecturers" or "tutors" but that's all just terms. I was astonished that alot of our teachers are famous practising artist and designer, coming here to teach us Foundation Studies (not sure if they teach other levels). This is what I call professionalism. You do not call in an ugly old nanny, who is IT illiterate, with her brain filled with thinkings from the 80's (along w stuff like favouritism and nag-gation ) and lead one of the alpha groups in class to doomsday for project work, to teach. Unlike common belief that the older the teacher the better, I would prefer young teachers any time, simply because communication would be fluent. I really respect my LASALLE teachers.

Now, let me talk abit more about the people in LASALLE. The first week was a fashion show, and it seemed that this trend is dying - people are now beginning to wear much more casually. Maybe its my mind getting used to the environment, I dunno. The people here have personality tilted a bit towards secondary school than JC.

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There is one particular person who I die die have to mention.

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Generally, that was how people in LASALLE are like. I do not know if that is a good or bad thing. I think I'm quite done writing about my damned life, and ya, I think I should go and mug le. Bye NEE!

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