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Saturday, October 31, 2009
Starry Starry Wars
[ZOMBiE CyGiG] ranted at 11:46 PM --- Post#4990431977185644734

My Adobe Illustrator project for school. Headshot with an ace. The requirement is to incorporate yourself into one famous painting.

This artwork is inspired by the movie series, Star Wars, in which the setting took place in the future depicting the use of very advanced technologies in battles. Coincidentally, Van Gogh’s painting, The Starry Night, seems be a suitable setting for a scene in Star Wars, as the picture is dark and showed swirls of stars and a huge Whirlpool Galaxy in the middle, both could be used to suggest “outer space”. Therefore, I drew myself as a possible character (a Jedi) in Star Wars, dual welding light sabers (a fictional weapon in Star Wars) in a defensive stance in the foreground.

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[ZOMBiE CyGiG] ranted at 9:47 PM --- Post#6423608251493278087

And I tot with my cable done, I ought to promote my own music player. Fuck school work. Hobby comes first!

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SilverMax Ultra ZCE
[ZOMBiE CyGiG] ranted at 6:45 PM --- Post#3240979736406089704

TADA! I finally fulfilled my wish of usng Paillics plus for my SilverMAX Ultra to zheng up the aesthetics. Instead of a silicone tube, a heat shrunk one is used as the jacket. I chose one that is just slightly bigger than the cable. The result a jacket that is easy to sleeve in and has much much more flexibility, great for portables. Instead of wrapping the outside of the plug with another heat shrink tube, I upped the thickness of the cable coming out of the plugs with HST inside. This will prevent the problem of seeing the insides of the plugs if bent too much, as well as preserve the nice outlook of the plugs. I know that they aint well cut, but i will work on it next time.

For those who dunno, this shit is made using 99.99% pure silver. Much more precious than those sterling silver girls used for jewellery. And the outcome is nice looks + same old nice sound. This cable is same as SilverMax Ultra, just that this was made with more aesthetic sense in mind. I will NOT be selling it, thus, it shall be name under my label: SilverMax Ultra ZOMBiE CYGIG Edition (ZCE).

My workshop/room.

Messy work table with tools.

The smell of soldering fume definitely lifted my spirit and killed some depression. Me lub lub soldering!

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Thursday, October 29, 2009
[ZOMBiE CyGiG] ranted at 10:26 AM --- Post#1936824439388602581

Nice one, I just broke the record of not sleeping properly for like six days, I am like seriously starting to believe my mom that LASALLE is training immortal rather than artists.

There had been a series of issues going on, but thankfully, I was not the victim like what I would used to be.

The following text had been BlogLocked. Select all, copy and paste into BlogLock and decrypt with the correct password.

I owned for Illustrator and Photog, but fucked up my Video and Sound workshop, it is so ironic that my work was selected for exhibition buy I only scored a mere C. I was told that I did not have enough experimentation, I only showed the final work. But another Illustrator graded my illustrator work and she said I showed my experimentation and trying out of different methods in my work - which i purposely did for my Video and Sound as well. I guess I made the wrong assumption.

Selected video + mere C grade + need to come back tml to set up my own exhibition = Epic Fucked Up.

I continued to experiment with the idea of "JC on LASALLE", exploiting skills that LASALLE do not teach (but taught in JC) and apply them to smart work in LASALLE. I guess at some points, definitions and instructions aint really empathized in LASALLE so as not to impede the creative process, but it is undeniable that if you follow the steps it would be like 9999x easier. Thus last minute work would be highly possible.

Oh ya, thanks to WK's recommendation for the A4 Tech G7 mouse, truely value for money. I shall put up some studio pics and review IF I HAVE THE TIME.

Hmmm...my Hackintosh shall go into deep sleep after today. Fucking OS.

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Saturday, October 17, 2009
MJC Farewell Assembly 2009 (Math Dept Video)
[ZOMBiE CyGiG] ranted at 11:51 PM --- Post#4463452097827709524

Only if AJC teachers are half that creative....

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Monday, October 12, 2009
What I mean by good make up skills
[ZOMBiE CyGiG] ranted at 1:47 AM --- Post#4843632665436684424

As the title suggest, this is good make up. Use of natural colour to enhance your face, and not some complementary and saturated colours to attempt to change your face.

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Saturday, October 10, 2009
I Ought To Post
[ZOMBiE CyGiG] ranted at 11:54 AM --- Post#4100488238786948710

Hi, all
It has been quite a long time since I posted something proper. Sorry, but I had been lazy and covering things up with pictures and videos, but I do believe in original user created content, so even of the issues projected in those pics and vids were something discussed about umpteen times across the net, I still hope that the interest level is maintained through my self acquired media that portray these experiences in my own angle.

Busy in School
Ok to start off first, I had been super fucking busy at school. Those who know me well enough will know what my definition of "busy" means "lazy to do work, then last minute chiong". Ok, I think I'm having some concentration problem here, but I simply CANNOT just put myself into a period of time where I can concentrate to work. So much for being a geek, watching anime, tweaking PCs, running Hackintosh, surfing VRZ drew my attention off from work. The truth is, the former events are 10000x more interesting than the latter.

I believe that we can produce art through cheating and shortcuts, Im not saying to produce sloppy work that no one likes, but you can make good looking artworks using minimal effort. Alot of times, we see those famous artist as spending lots of time planning and executing the process of creating the artwork, and most of the time they are inspired by some chim ideology in life.

I had been to the National Art Museum and saw this blank sheet of paper hung up as a piece of artwork. I dint manage to take a photo and take note of the artist though. Do you really think this artist spent a great deal of time doing his artwork?

Most prolly he was like "ok....I need some cash and I'm feeling lazy today...hmm...what should I do... *picks a piece of paper from thrash bin* aha! This is my artwork! What should the theme be.....ooo I shall call it "The Paper of Life", meaning no matter how pure and white you want your paper (as to life) to be, it will always have some impurities on it - No one is perfect! Sounds Great!"

When it comes to completing school work, I focus on the requirement, get it all met, the actual work nice or not, dun care. Because that is how the LASALLE system works:
- Incomplete but ultra nice work = very little marks
- Completed but lousy work = average marks.
- Completed work with some signs of effort = average high marks
- Completed work with super nice artwork = high marks

I will spend min. effort to hit #2 or #3. In a way, its not very fair, cos I had seen students with fucking nice work but he dun have time to label and sort them out in his sketchbook and failed. But hey, Im a life hacker, I'm suppose to be exploiting this loophole!

Technical Specifications
Probably it is a geek's instinct to adhere and fulfil technical specifications,and it's also a way for developers to cheat. A produce can meet all specification, but has horrible flaws in them. An audio player can meet the requirement to playback FLAC but there could be a limitation that only a very old version and low compression level of FLAC is hardware supported. The player can have "bass boost" but when upping the bass, it produces lots of clippings.

BTW, for common users, most of the time "Bass Boost" = "COME DISTORT MY BOTTOM TILL IT CRACKS!". If you see an audio player featuring "Controlled Bass Boost", tell me, I may buy it. Oh ya, did you know that, more than half the time, the more visually/artistic appealing the headphone, the lousier it sounds? I had seen a lot of funkily designed headphone in school from skullcandy or the low end audio technica and I um chio and kiss my TripleFi.

Bullshitting in school definitely works, and I think blogging helped me to express my true feelings very easily - something LASALLE values. Thus when it comes to modules like Grey Matter, I could write my reflection with no problem. Just write what I feel la! Broken ang moh nebermind coz they look at ideas and not English. Of course your ang moh must be good enough to be read la! Some ppl attempted to bullshit, but epic fail la... Can tell they aint hitting any point. When you bullshit, you still must meet the technical specifications!

But when then again, my laziness is pulling me down. Haiz.

English or Singlish?
I see that my classmates are always speaking very good English. For me ish VR/Net-language + Singlish + Mandarin. Singapore sucked enough, and to me, the multi racial culture, food and Singlish are the three aspects that I'm proud of as a Singaporean. I hate standard English, so mafan, inflexible and inexpressive, Singlish FTW!

My international friends get confused between race, religion and nationality, some of them lived in countries with one dominant race and few religion and foreign talents. They were confused by Singaporean Chinese, Indonesian Chinese and China Chinese. They thought there is only one race in Indonesia and Malaysia. One even asked me if my friend, who is a Chinese Buddhist from Msia, will celebrate Hari Raya cos she though everyone from Msia is a Muslim Malay. Some though all Indians in school come from India, but actually those are the Singaporean Indians.

Happy Belated BD to KTK
Oh ya, happy belated birthday to KTK! I await your laksa! I miss those days we all go Bugis to hunt for food, sit down and talk cock about audio, machines, flash light, DIYs, hackings etc... Sian ah....

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Sunday, October 04, 2009
Mac OSX on my Compaq V3000 Laptop
[ZOMBiE CyGiG] ranted at 12:05 AM --- Post#2030486938665066445

After some tedious research and try outs, I managed to get Mac OSX on my V3000 laptop. The reason for doing is is because one of my projects strictly requires iMovie. I am never a fan of Mac, rather, I am a geek who prefers to program, mod and customise PCs. In fact, I hate mac due to their misleading marketing. Thank you OSx86 team for iAtkos 7.

Sorry for the poor filming, I could not get a better video due to time and hardware limitation.

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