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Thursday, October 29, 2009
[ZOMBiE CyGiG] ranted at 10:26 AM --- Post#1936824439388602581

Nice one, I just broke the record of not sleeping properly for like six days, I am like seriously starting to believe my mom that LASALLE is training immortal rather than artists.

There had been a series of issues going on, but thankfully, I was not the victim like what I would used to be.

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I owned for Illustrator and Photog, but fucked up my Video and Sound workshop, it is so ironic that my work was selected for exhibition buy I only scored a mere C. I was told that I did not have enough experimentation, I only showed the final work. But another Illustrator graded my illustrator work and she said I showed my experimentation and trying out of different methods in my work - which i purposely did for my Video and Sound as well. I guess I made the wrong assumption.

Selected video + mere C grade + need to come back tml to set up my own exhibition = Epic Fucked Up.

I continued to experiment with the idea of "JC on LASALLE", exploiting skills that LASALLE do not teach (but taught in JC) and apply them to smart work in LASALLE. I guess at some points, definitions and instructions aint really empathized in LASALLE so as not to impede the creative process, but it is undeniable that if you follow the steps it would be like 9999x easier. Thus last minute work would be highly possible.

Oh ya, thanks to WK's recommendation for the A4 Tech G7 mouse, truely value for money. I shall put up some studio pics and review IF I HAVE THE TIME.

Hmmm...my Hackintosh shall go into deep sleep after today. Fucking OS.

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