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Saturday, April 17, 2010
[ZOMBiE CyGiG] ranted at 4:35 PM --- Post#7556504982693215948

Dead Blog
Dead blog is dead. Indeed. Life has been so straight and boring that there is nothing much to blog about. Everything is ok, smooth, and nothing of interest as far as it gets.

I had been going on a long journey, from releasing insects swarms in BS2, shooting aliens in ME2, fighting with criminals in Miles Edgeworth Investigation, to saving the earth from some Weapon Of Mass Destruction in BadCompany 2, all the way to a tedious adventure with Link and Princess Zelda on a train. Well, nothing feels better than gaming and gaming and gaming and gaming...

So homework? What homework? Anyway, my lecturer just gave me about the most usless comments that I had ever heard. Most of the students goes up to him and he will bombard them with tons of questions and criticism on their ideas.

But when I go up, all he says is "Ok...not bad...not too bad, some are really not too bad, ok...ya...do the cover page and I want to see it next week. Continue." So what does tt means? "Not too bad" literally means "bad, but not to a large extent", so meaning my work is hideous. And if so what happened to all his bombardment of comments and criticism? On the surface, I could only say that my work is beyond hope for him to comment. Weeeeee....

Graphic design is really quite a special subject. Not only does it involves aesthetic skills, it relies heavily on tech like vector and raster software, and printing related work as well. You know how anal I can be when things like that comes into place, so I am not quite sure if I can totally agree with some of the claims that my lecturer tells me. Of course, I could have gone ahead and flamed him, but according to my principal, going against a lecturer unnecessarily is no goot, no goot esp the scoring system in LASALLE could be quite subjective and biased.

Recently it seems that fucked up ppl keep hitting into me.

Firstly, there was a fucktard who asked me to host a L4D2 game, he promptly reminded me again and again not to forget about the game, in which I had set time out of my nitely schedule to accommodate him. I even went as far as to start connection test and set up the game 15 minutes before time. 10 minutes before, I smsed him to let him know that I am ready. My friend joined on time and we were waiting and waiting for him. I nudged and smsed him but he was not contactable.

We started the game first and later on I called him and he said he was still on another game with his friends. I tot his game was ending so we waited for another half an hour. I smsed him again, and he replied that he is still playing game. We waited and waited and smsed. Finally after around 1 hour then he replied that he is not going to play with us. We were frustrated and disappointed.

I told him that he had made a promise and I feel that for the fact we dig out time out from our schedule to have a lil fun, he should not pang seh us liddat. His reply was just a "zzz like this also can".

Although this is only a game, but I feel that even simple things liddat test your integrity and upbringing. There is nothing wrong with last minute crop up, but I do feel that you should inform us earlier, drop a sms or smthing. Or at the very least, a sorry. He keeps reminding me about the game, so I took it that he is serious and really interested. His sloppy attitude at the end really disgusted me.

Luckily its just an online game. What if I were to meet him at a LAN shop? I would have wasted my trip. A few days later, he asked me if I am still angry with him. Yes I am, and I dint reply. There wasn't even an apology. Fuck that.

Just as I tot things are turning better, another mofo did it again. This mofo agreed to go Mayday concert with me, which is actually today. Here is the chat log:

It a decisive evidence that MoFo has agreed to go. And becos of his very bad trade record of owing my money, not paying on time and suffers from severe bipolar selective stinginess/spendthrift-ness, I decided to ask him iBank the ticket cost. Weee...and he refused.

A few days later on Tuesday, after I have checked the tix availability, seating, linking with the other person going, Mofo tells me that he is not going. Wow. His reason: "Its in the midst of my exam got damn it. I got to get >3.7 for deans list. Then i will be so fucking rich nxt time that discounted concert means nth opportunity cost too high."

I think he deserves this:

For his LIAFCIPE theory.

There is this stereotype that people from top schools are arrogant and atas, I refused to believed that cos I have a friend who was RJC, skillful and willing to learn. Yet remained on a low profile and aided me in a lot of my projects. He was just one example. Many more in my life.

Yet now I think that all Stereotyping has some truth in it, so unfortunately, this MoFo is that black sheep. Not only was he arrogant on his slightest success, he tends to push and discredit ppl's success, and work his stubborn arguments around things that he likes, which changes often like ppl change underwear.

His logic is simple:

Today I support PRODUCT ALPHA, and PRODUCT ALPHA is good, everything else is bad, and I will defend my choice with my life. Tml I support PRODUCT BRAVO, PRODUCT ALPHA alongside with the rest is now bad, and I will defend my choice with my life. Those people who do not agree with me at that instant are arseholes.


I have SKILL ALPHA, I will describe this skill as one of the best on earth, and any other skills that I have are useless. Tml I finally learnt SKILL BRAVO, and I think I did it better than the rest, and those without SKILL BRAVO are losers.


I have BELIEF ALPHA, I will uphold his belief of mine with my nose high high, another one not agreeable to me are dumbasses.

Of course those are exaggeration, but you get the idea.

And now back to the topic. I was ultra disgusted by that MoFo that I refuses to talk to him for the time being. I think I just lost 10kg puking my fats out when someone mentioned his name. The concert last a mere 2 hours, and its right beside Stadium MRT station which opens today, yet he just smsed and ask if I wanna play L4D2. Wow, one match last slightly more than 1 hours and two matches will be around 2 hours. Plus delays, waits and technical error, its going to be longer. He has the cheek to ask me to play game, yet no time for the concert.

Again, it's not the concert per se, its the fucked up attitude. Its just one concert, if you have a perfectly reasonable excuse I would except it, not some LIAFCIPE theory.

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