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Tuesday, June 29, 2010
PS 1 and 2 Controller to USB Converter Review
[ZOMBiE CyGiG] ranted at 11:00 PM --- Post#6815249835484939464

I wanted a game controller badly, but due to poverty (prevalent in Singapore, anyone without at least $10,000 in back is considered poor) I did not want to blast a hole in my pocket to get one. Not to mention, I am against the idea of playing FPS using gamepad, and no prize for guessing that I am a FPS freak. But that does not mean I play FPS only, I'm fine with other genres of game, just that I enjoy FPS more than the rest. The controller would be useful for some racing, RPG, vehicle simulator and fighting games. I'm sick of playing Street Fighter 4 and Burn Out Paradise with KB and mouse.

I got an old old PlayStation 1 (big one, not the smaller PSone) console with DualShock controllers (with analogue sticks and vibration feedback) collecting dust in my room. Those were the Primary School childhood days where my cousins would come to my house during holidays and play Crash Team Racing with me.

I saw this converter on DealExtreme which converts PS1/2 controllers bus to USB, and could be used as a PC game pad. The converter takes in two controllers at once. But the price was not attractive enough. Being poor, I eBay-ed and found a similar model for around half the price.

A package arrived!


The converter and driver CD. The converter is upside down to show you the bottom view.

Close up of the converter.

The PlayStation controller port.

My ancient DualShock controller.

Close up to show u the DUST!

How it looks like hooked to my PC on my desk.

Playing Assassin Creed 2 with the controller.

On Windows XP, there is no need for driver to detect the controllers. But I installed the given driver anyway which gave me more options (IIRC vibration feedback and feedback strength could be enabled only after you installed the driver). I tried on TM Nation and Assassin Creed 2, both working well. No problems with analogue sticks (can enable and disable properly with the "ANALOG" button) and vibration feedback. However, the controller would not work properly on L4D2, in which there are some hearsay that only XBOX360 controllers work. L4D2 is a FPS and I'm not interested to use a gamepad for that thus did not research further on.

Guess the price of this converter?
US$ 0.99 + US$ 1.83 (shipping) = US$ 2.82 = S$ 4.23

Pardon my poor photography.

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