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Sunday, July 04, 2010
Cosfest IX
[ZOMBiE CyGiG] ranted at 7:10 PM --- Post#2179144560028387605

Although I love to watch anime, it is never really of my interest to go to cosplaying related festival. Due to my multi-hobby nature, I am not able to fully support one single hobby to its maximum financially and mentally, therefore when it comes to Japanese culture, I have only covered some animes and some of their technology (which coincide with my geeky side) so far. I did not even bother to read manga or look deep into J-Rock/Pop, as I had already spent a fortune (to me) on English novels and Mando music. Therefore I believe I am not up to the mark to understand cosplayers and cisplaying events (since I cannot identify what the cosplayers are cosplaying most of the time, either that of my imagination is too chui to relate the drawn character to a representative in real life.)

From the pics of cosplay related festival hosted in SG posted online, I can already imagine how it would not be my cup of tea: Watching epic fail Barney costumes, or fat people cosplaying as slim characters, DnT-failed people made props, lousy band performance with equally lousy sound systems, low turn up rate and event space, marked up "fan made" items etc

But holidays are boring and with no good PC games in hand, I decided to head down to Cosfest IX @ Downtown East. I am not armed with much of high hopes nor high end camera, I just hoped that I can get a good laugh at Barneys. The event was not big as expected, just little bigger than my JC's MPH. The place is flooded with Mikus, you see fat miku, thin miku, hair loss miku and indian miku. No racism meant when I said Indian miku, but she really look weird. It's like asking me to cosplay Pikachu, you got see Pikachu so fat one? OH YES! There is a fat dude there with Pikachu outfit! There was a Malay cosplaying Captain Jack Sparrow and he looks great, because of the matching skin tone, body height and build. The idea is that when you cosplay, find some character that suits your physical outlook. I will stick to Boomer or Ditto for now.

Some of the props are really chui, the are a few that are good though. Vocaloid's headphone made from cardboard and marker...hmmmm... The fan made items seems to be eBay-ed from HK or China, or simply DIYed from koped internet images. Some are overpriced, the rest are of usual cost, nothing of good deal though. There are some hand drawn marker rendered posters that look great, but sure to fail Rashid if you know what im talking about. Black Tatical is there as usual, with severely under-aged kids wearing army outfit with that innocent smile. I saw a M4A1 going for $30 that looks reasonably realistic (to the context $30) with details like the real one with a reflex scope, but did not buy as I though it would end up hanging on my wall collecting dust.

The nightmare of having lousy band and lousy sound system came through, other than a band who played "Butterfly" from Digimon Season 1, the rest all GG. All zhao xia one...I told my friend its a competition to see who pass, and not who scores, since nearly all failed liao. The MC was nothing impressive, and his corny jokes like "WOW I FEEL LIKE GOING HOME AND PLAY WII NOW AFTER LISTENING TO 'BUTTERFLY'" and "THE WINNERS GET A FREE NIGHT STAY IN HIGH CLASS HOTEL CARPARK" was rather distasteful.

Luckily/Unluckily I did not see any Barneys during the event. I guess I will still go for cosplay festivals, for the LULZ, of course.

Some pictures:

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