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Sunday, August 29, 2010
Read/Write Speed of a Regular Thumbdrive
[ZOMBiE CyGiG] ranted at 10:00 PM --- Post#3896751293716446612

I always wanted to test how does the rear, front or extension cable affect the transfer speed of a regular thumbdrive. I'm not quite interested in high-performance thumbdrives that can fly to space cos I'm too poor to use them, therefore I chose to test with one of the cheapest 16GB you can find in SLS.

I intend to use it for ReadyBoost on another test to find out how effective ReadyBoost is. According to Wikipedia, the solid state storage for ReadyBoost should be "capable of 2.5 MB/s read speeds for 4 KB random reads spread uniformly across the entire device, and 1.75 MB/s write speeds for 512 KB random writes spread uniformly across the device."

Now here is the 16GB thumbdrive I've got from Toshiba at SLS for $46. The packaging states that it supports ReadyBoost.

The thumbdrive, packaging, instruction manual, receipt and NETS invoice.

Here it is...

Can open one.

Then put at the back.

Without further a do, here are the results:

Rear USB Port

Front USB Port (Connected to Mid-MotherBoard USB)

Rear USB Port with 1.5m ATake USB Extension

Read USB port seems to be very slightly better at sequential and 512KB blocks write, while front USB port seems to be better in 4KB Q32 blocks read. Otherwise, the other readings dun differ much from one another. All three pass the requirements for ReadyBoost as well. Looking at the minute difference in speed, it is safe to say that for a regular thumbdrive, you get more speed from the rear USB port, then the front one, then the cable extended rear one, but the difference is so small that it might not even make any significance in real life usage.

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Sunday, August 15, 2010
[My Hoot Today] Dual Star DS-110 Office Chair
[ZOMBiE CyGiG] ranted at 11:28 PM --- Post#5575461337600489336

After a freaking two years of waiting and consideration, I finally splurged to get a new office chair for my SORO(Small Office/Room Office), which is a even smaller version of a SOHO(Small Office/Home Office).

Alot of times, geeks forget about the fundamental of machine operation - human control. No matter how advanced technology is, there will be a certain degree of human control. Sad to say, my hobbies and work deals with large amount of both human interfacing and machine automation. We often forget to pamper ourselves with good IO control, environment and spiritual well-being despite constantly upgrading our rigs.

Introducing the Dual Star DS-110 chair I just hooted!

I got it from vHive for a whopping $395. Thats quite a lot of pay for a freaking chair, though considered chicken to Herman Miller's. I dun earn a lot, so $395 is quite an amount to me. I went to the Jurong megastore for an overall comparison for a few models in my mind, and picked this. It took vHive around a week to deliver the chair to me upon ordering. It is warranted against manufacturing defects for 1 year. For the first three months, both transport and parts are covered. Then after, only parts are covered, meaning if you are to ask a repairman to come up to your house to service the chair, it cost $25. After the one year warranty period, you got to pay for both parts and transport. Not a very good warranty term compared to stores like Ikea which gave some of their chairs 10 years warranty. The build quality of the chair feels very good.

The chair is made in Korea, by the brand Torch.

This chair feature two kidney shaped back rests, that fits the contour of your back nicely. It feels very comfortable, and able to support your back even during long hours of seating. This back rest is the major reason why I got this chair. Moreover, the chair seat and back rests tilt at different degree when you lie back, unlike some cheaper chair whereby the back rest and seat tilt together, making your posture unnatural.

Back rest is connected to the spine with a big rubber flexible joint.

This chair is pretty customizable:
- Height of chair
- Back rest slide forward or backward, independent of seat
- Free lying back, and sitting up or lock in a certain degree
- Position of each of the kidney shaped back rests, slide left and right
- Position of each arm rest, slide up or down
- Headrest position, slide up or down
- Headrest tilt high or low

Arm rest sliding/locking button.

You MUST tweak those "settings" to get a comfortable support, you wun feel optimally shiok with the factory setup. And this chair is great when you want to watch movies without a sofa or couch, as it feels better when leaned back than sitting upright.

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Tuesday, August 03, 2010
''I herdz you liek ARTZ ''
[ZOMBiE CyGiG] ranted at 9:27 AM --- Post#8772974902967660441

''I herdz you liek ARTZ ''.

No, nothing is better than slack n grow fat.

As usual, one will never cherish something till it's gone. I always thought that 3 months holiday would never end, but it did. But hell, are holiday's meant to be cherished? Aint they supposed to be relaxing?

I think the most wasteful part of my holiday is the part where i procrastinate cleaning n tidying up my room. I did it real little by little that it took me more than a month. During this time, i did nothing as i felt it's not proper to do anything when room tidying is not done yet. I just lurked the net day in day out.

It shows two things. One, it's bull shit that its better to be slow than no. I was extremely slow in this case n the holiday does not permit that without penalty. Two, procrastination is my enemy.

Why does every school re opening blog post must be done on bus via handphone?

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