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Thursday, January 06, 2011
Like Game Like Life
[ZOMBiE CyGiG] ranted at 10:43 AM --- Post#780123097024958837

It's hard to deny that im blogging less due to facebook and vr-zone. Ever since i left army, or actually more of AJC, i no longer have any heart burning or super expressive thoughts. Random thoughts are much better expressed thru facebook (also why i think its no needed to linl blog post to fb status), while general discussion are left to vr-zone. Lame stuff are left to my imouto. I'm quite happy for that, since that also means i have less complains in life.

I was watching K-ON!!, and unsurprisingly I like it since its quite similar to Lucky Star. Shamefully, I like animes that have very blissful and tranquail settings, did I not mention, watching anime, like playing games, reading books and watching movie set u momentarily into a different setting that you enjoy - aka escape from life.

And I did a quick analysis of the anime to find out why the setting is so peaceful and blissful:
- Be it in school or at home, minmal interaction and relation to parents
- Building on the last point, characters seem to be totally free to do and choose what they want without parents restriction
- Despite some characters being poor, they never seem to have any financial issues
- Almost every classmates are easy going and nice ppl
- Slacky n kee siao teacher
- Never have major problems and minimally bothered about grades
- Amature band can compose, write lyrics, sing and play instruments properly within like half a year or one year lol
- Less of complains (if u make an anime based in SG i bet you sure will not run out of complains and complain kings)

Say, if real life was like that, how would that not be shiok?

To be continued... Going to watch Ghost Must Be Crazy.

Like game like life, i always play support role. In most games that i played, i often choose the role that constitutes of indirect attacks and gurella warfare instead of direct offensive parties. In DOTA i'm often agility characters that appear out of nowhere to attack towers and be gone once enemies come. In L4D2, Boomer and Spitter are my favouites, while Smoker is a ranged Special Infected, its tongue snap too easily and the range is way too short compared to L4D making its attack not much of long ranged. In Borderlands and Fallout NV, i also do iron sight snipe using assault rifle from far to take out most enemies first. In Battlefield Bad Company 2, my most used class is the Engineer, I earn most points by repairing vehicles than fighting instead of killing. When in tank, me and my friend take down targets from far and take turn to repair the tank ti maintain it. On the ground, i snipe using rockets from far, and when i really need to engage at close quarters, my SMG will deal good dmg by simply spraying.

In real life, I am seldom the leader. I usually help out from the side, but retain enough say to make some decisions. Reason being i hate responsibilities, being support will lessen amt of responsibility by a lot more. I would rather be the MVP in the team than the leader.

I often help out in IT in a team, making sure my team has the least technical hiccups and able to use IT to leverage the team and impress others.

I believe how one would behave in real life affects the way how someone play games. Through the choice of characters, skills and classes, you can tell alot about someone in real life.

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