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Tuesday, May 17, 2011
Ask and you shall be given!
[ZOMBiE CyGiG] ranted at 1:25 PM --- Post#782561094343365769

During election period my MP, Mr Tan Chuan-Jin came to my area and asked around if the residents have any feedback or need any help. He came to my unit and my dad told him that our block has a problem with the rubbish bin near the lift: There is always too much rubbish and not enough space in the rubbish bin, thus residents resort to placing rubbish on the floor around the bin. That is not all, sometimes kids will come and actually PLAY with those rubbish (lol right?), causing a mess. This occurs almost everyday. He said he will look into it.

I did not give two hoots at first, as I thought surely nothing would be done. After election, I was struck by anger and depression that Tin Tin will be my MP for the next five years, and cursed my life as a Singaporean. A thought got to me, hey if they are drawing so much pay, they should be helping us out. Nothing will be done if I just sit around. And since PAP has said they are going to use social media to get in touch with the youth, why not give it a shot?

I found my MP's Facebook account and reminded him about the issue. I shall let the screenshot do the talking now:

14 May 2011 image in the FB comment.

15 May 2011 image in the FB comment.

Judging from the replies, I was thinking nothing would be done again. I was intending to post pictures of the rubbish bin for a week to show my MP that the problem is really recurring and let the pictures do the taking. And today, 17 May 2011, this is what I saw:

WOW! It's like a Christmas wish came true! And it proves me right that the bulk bin would solve the problem immediately, at least at superficial level.

Throughout my life, I have seen lots of cases where people just do not dare to ask for what they want. Either they are afraid of the consequences or paiseh. During NS, I had problems with my shoulder, ear and foot and I asked for medical reviews and excuses to protect myself from further injury and I got it. During NS (again), I asked for a revocation because I felt the job was not right for me. I got it. When my RT timing clashes with my school time table, I make lots of call and demanded for something to be done and I got the date shifted away. When I purchase something from eBay or DealExtreme, the the item quality was not acceptable, I ask for the refund, and I got it.

However, this does not mean I am satisfied with the current Government. There are still lots to be done, and I still believe that there are high chances that the Oppositions could do an equivalent or better job. Compared to the other burning national issues, this is just tip of the iceberg, but still, it's something done right by my MP for the good of the residents in my block.

Moral of the story: Be thick skinned and ask for what you want.

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