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Monday, January 09, 2012
[Compliment]Generous eBay Seller
[ZOMBiE CyGiG] ranted at 5:34 PM --- Post#8887041323292659293

A few weeks ago, I was shopping on eBay for Sennheiser PX100 headphone earpads. My old one literally disintegrated after not using for some time. I found some cheap ones at four pairs for S$4.92.

After purchasing, I noticed that store sells some nice supra-aural earpads instead of the standard PX100 flat pads. It states that it is meant for PX200, but I had seen some other stores selling it as compatible for PX100 as well. Out of curiosity, I asked the seller about compatibility issues.

PX200 earpads that was on sale in the eBay store. It is not genuine from Sennheiser but build quality is as good. Costed S$12.99 for two pairs, excluding shipping.

The PX100 flat earpads beside the PX200 ones. It costed 4 pairs for S$4.92 including shipping. Not genuine from Sennheiser either but it feels and looks almost identical.

He replied that it is compatible with PX100 but not recommended as it would change the sound reproduction. It sounds legit since PX100 is an open headphone while PX200 is closed, differences in design might mean the choice of earpad makes a difference.

And here is the awesome part: He said since I had already bought the four pairs of cheap earpads from him, he can discount all the shipping fee if I choose to buy the PX200 earpads. Better still, he said he is going to send two pairs over first, and I pay (S$12.99) him only if I find it good enough.

I thought he was just trying to scam me or some sort, but since I will not be paying any money until I receive my stuff, I agreed for him to send me those earpads. I am curious of how it would change the sound as well. A week or so passed as the four pairs of cheap PX100 earpads arrived. Instead of four pairs, five was given. I gave away the extra pair to my friend who used it on Koss Porta Pro (it fits).

I thought he waived the shipping fee because he sent the two items together, but it is not the case. Another week or so passed and I got PX200 supra aural earpads, in a separately registered mail.

The package with PX200 earpads.

And since I am on this, I might as well do a little review. With the PX200 earpads on PX100, there was significant distortion in sound. The vocals became very laid back and far away and the midbass was overwhelming. The sound isolation is not bad as it drowns alot of ambient noises. But overall, its a bad idea to use the supra aural earpads of PX200 on PX100.

Both PX200 and PX100 earpads mounted on PX100.

On the skeptical side, the earnings from my PX100 earpads might have already covered that of the PX200 earpads+shipping, so in all the seller might not be losing money. But still, this is not something common to eBay sellers. Not to mention his PX100 flat earpads feels and look almost like the original and is one of the cheapest listed when i was doing my search. Afterall, I still feel that seller is pretty awesome, and despite that the PX200 earpads clearly sucked on PX100, I decided to message him today to arrange for the payment.

The seller's name is wang_yifei, and his eBay store is wang_yifei 2009.

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