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Wednesday, October 09, 2013
[Review] ANT AT-8 Hot Melt Glue Gun
[ZOMBiE CyGiG] ranted at 9:46 AM --- Post#3934026879370183436

Back in 2011, I once posted here to ask for a hot melt glue gun. Despite not reply soon after, I was seeking a good and low cost glue gun since then. My specifications were as follow:
- Dual Temperature for low heat and hot melt application
- No dripping
- Hot enough to keep melted glue liquid and flowing for some time (cheap glue gun often has the liquid glue solidify around 10s after leaving the nozzle)
- 7 or 11mm glue stick does not matter
- Cheap, less than $60

After looking for a long time, I decided to hit eBay. No surprise, but I found what I need.

At an amazing price of S$21.20, the AT-8 has a range of temperature to choose from and takes around 2 to 3 minutes to get heating to the maximum temperature. The build quality is sturdy and solid. The seller threw in a free adapter for Singapore's mains.

At room temperature of around 30°C, a roughly 20mm blob of glue heated at maximum temperature remains flowing after a minute. It starts to harden at around 1.5 minutes and becomes significantly viscous at the second minute. It becomes hard at the third minute and at the forth, most of it would have hardened. It fully hardens beyond five minutes. That seems like reasonable amount of time for you to position your job before the glue totally hardens.

The down side of the glue gun is that it is not really anti-drip, as told my the seller. It drips slowly, and the glue amount gets smaller each time and usually stop dripping altogether after the 5th or 6th pass. There is no valve on the nozzle. It tends to drip a lot when you replace a new glue stick.

In conclusion, if you do not mind the dripping issue, this glue gun is the one to go. I have yet to try out the higher end glue gun, but this definitely fitted my purpose. Considering how sub-standard and ever fustrating glue guns like the compact Ultimax HMG-10 are already going for S$10 to S$15, the AT-8 is definitely worth the 20 bucks.

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