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Wednesday, January 01, 2014
People who taught me valuable lessons
[ZOMBiE CyGiG] ranted at 11:01 PM --- Post#3864674756906743274

Master Sergeant Suria (Technician platoon superior in Army)
• Always help people, even if you do not want to. Every time you help someone, you gain credits, with enough credits, you will be at a moral high ground when you seek help. Help people so that people will be more likely to help you out next time.

Wen Yan (Friend, met during JC CCA)
• Always be polite to people serving you, even if they they did a bad job. Be loud and genuine when you say "sorry" or "thank you". Make them feel that they are being appreciated explicitly.
• When in doubt of what movie to watch be it alone or in groups, choose a Disney Pixar show.

Wenze (Friend, met in Army technician platoon)
• World is fair. If you get rich but not smart enough to deserve the money, then you spend the money on stupid things.
• Ideally companies will sell each individual at just nice the price they willing to pay for a product or service. However, some people are not willing to pay at all while a few others have very high purchasing power or very willing to pay. When they charge the latter group high, they are covering for the loss on the former group. In software sense, every original users are actually paying one huge cost to cover those losses to many pirated counterparts.

Tomato (Cousin)
• You can be as stubborn as you want, but always give people a chance to speak. You tend to anticipate the other party's reply when you are being stubborn and sometimes just hearing the other party out will change your perception.

Tsun Lam (Friend, met during JC)
• To have good bargaining skill, first make friend with the store owner. Spend time to chat with him. Try to consolidate your purchase and buy together with your friends to ask for greater discount. If the store owner only gives a single discount on all the items, try to argue that your friends need their discount too. You can try to put cash on the table while haggling, store owners tends to want to close the deal when cash is in sight. A devious move is to use credit card after the receipt has been printed, to rake up points from your bank, where the store owners usually do not accept credit card due to the added fees.
• The easy way to use the Photoshop and Illustrator Pen tool is to click the start and end points (no dragging) and a third one on the line formed. Use the third one to form the curve you need. This was not initially taught in my art school and the "standard" was is to click the start point, then click and hold the end point to sculpt the curve. I continue to use Tsun Lam's method even today for professional work.

Mr. Alvin You (DnT Teacher in Secondary school)
• Consider saying "we did it" instead of "I did it" when others helped you in your success. Always recognise helped received from your team mates or even people outside of your team. People like to be recognised for their effort and they would be more willing to help you out again.

Su Fan (Photography teacher in LASALLE)
• It is not wrong to "Photoshop" (digitally enhance) your photographs. In fact, you should always present the refined and touched up image for the others to see.

Jean Tan (Psychotherapist at IMH)
• There is nothing wrong with following through motion, to complete something you had to do but you do not like, if it is necessary. Most people have been doing it since birth anyways. It does not mean you are following blindly, as there are many things that are out of our control which we simply have little choice but to follow.

Bedokian (SPUG Forum Member)
• To make thick and creamy Milo, prepare an empty cup and filled it 1/3 way with Milo powder. Add condensed milk till the contents are 2/3 full and finally pour in hot water till near the brim. This recipe is taught to me by Bedokian, and it is easy for someone who is looking for a simple way to make thick and creamy milo. The proportions could be easily gauged without measuring tools.

Wei Kiat (Friend, met during JC)
"Don't be a Wei Kiat."

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